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KW19-40 Ausverkauf Deutschlands – Christoph Hörstel 2019-10-5


Samstag, 5. Oktober 2019 – 13 Uhr

KW19-40: Ausverkauf Deutschlands

Video: https://youtu.be/u8zEp9DtVr4

Youtube würgt soeben diesen Kanal ab – Vorspiel für Abschaltung? – Wir haben Gegenkonzept: Website!

  • Von knapp 100 neuen Abonnenten/Tag – unter 3!
  • Zugriffszahlen halbiert
  • Paul Craig Roberts: Zensur: überwachte, unterdrückte Opposition
  •  – Wahrheit ist eine bedrohte Art
  • Gegenmittel: jeder überzeugte Zuschauer: Links weiterleiten!

0:48 – Nachbemerkung zum 3. Oktober

  • Deutschland: Papier-Souveränität an Europa abgetreten
    • DUNS-Registratur Sommer 1990!
      • Data Universal Numbering System
    • US-Firma Dun & Bradstreet
    • Europa: Datengeschäft schwedische Fa. Bisnode
      • Mehrheitseigner: Fa. Bonnier, von deutschem Juden gegründet: 1837, ursprünglich: Hirschel
      • Größter Verlag Schweden + F...

CDU Regime Change

Germany’s political elite in turmoil: Angela Merkel leaves the chair of her Christian-Democratic Union (CDU) party soon – and chancellorship in 2021.

Nearly a dozen candidates ponder the idea of a candidacy for the stewardship of Germany’s strongest party. But one of them immediately heated expectations: Friedrich Merz, 62, head of America’s main influence peddling institution „Atlantic Bridge“, board chairman of more companies of the financial sector than fit into a single tweet and former rival to Merkel, among them the German section of global leader BlackRock...


Refugees, Mass Migration – and a German Government Crisis

Germany is facing deeper problems than the ones discussed today – and much tougher choices: The whole political/financial system appears at stake.

The current German government crisis has three reasons. The least important is the personal chemistry and longstanding political competition between Bavarian ex-prime minister Horst Seehofer, turned federal Home Secretary in the present federal government in spring – and a truly strong international player, chancellor Angela Merkel.
Next in line is the mass influx of migrants from the Middle East and Africa, leaving behind tough conditions in various camps in Turkey, Lebanon and the North African shoreline of the Mediterranean Sea. In Germany they are called “refugees” by the big mass media, but in fact they are economic migrants.
Main ...