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Yellow Vests in France Challenge Macron Presidency

Yellow Vests Paris 2018-11-24

Yellow vest demands are pointing to an urgently needed system change – and pose risks far higher and wider than anticipated by most.

The numbers of participants to the street protests by the yellow vests have been sliding continuously since the first protests November 17, counting more than 282’000, have rocked France. The following weekends, official numbers show 106’000 and after that 75’000 – but government counts and reports usually reflect its intentions: to generally downplay and misrepresent importance and aims. But during the last weekend, protesters successfully blocked commercial traffic on border posts raising the national cost of the unrest, which is reaching single-digit billions of Euros already by now.

Most interesting are the demands of the yellow vests, which clearly surpa...


G20 Summit: Is the US Losing its Global Leadership?

G20 US leadership

Fact is, it’s the other way round: Global leadership has lost he US – and for good.

The Buenos Aires G20 summit cemented, what really is US president Trump’s political strategy: Washington does not even care for a US leadership role – it’s just cutting deals. Trade trouble with China? The intermediate fixing sounds easy and fair: Trump stops tariffs on 200 billion US$ imports from China – and Beijing agrees to buy more US goods, mainly in the sectors agriculture, energy and industry, but without commitment to defined thresholds as yet; and in the aftermath, Trump tweeted, that Chinese tariffs on US cars, recently raised to a whopping 40%, would be reduced; Beijing had lowered other cars‘ tariffs  from 25% to 15%...


Freedom for Palestine!

Freedom Palestine

Our communication to all concerned organizations and individuals on freedom and well-being of all people in Palestine:

The freedom struggle of the Palestinian people and our work for peace, justice and good community in Palestine has reached a new level.

The Hamas leadership is pondering a safety guarantee for all Jews under a future Palestinian government, based on a “one man – one vote” referendum in Palestine.

The first steps to this end were developed in my May 15, 2015, meeting with the Hamas spokesman for foreign affairs, Mr. Usama bin Hamdan, on the occasion of the regional Valdai Club conference in Marrakesh, Morocco...


Mosul and Raqqa – Remote-Controlled Misery

Mossul 2017

Reports about the two ex-IS cities, Mosul and Raqqa, drive tears into the eyes of any decent researcher, who still enjoys possession of a warm heart.

Dry facts are quickly told: Mosul is the fifth biggest Iraqi city behind the capital Baghdad, located 400 kilometers north of it on the right bank of Tigris river, opposite the ancient Assyrian city of Nineveh on the east bank. The invasion mainly of US forces from „the coalition of the willing“ in 2003 caused great damage to the city, resistance and a fierce and brutal battle to drive the out led to large-scale further destruction. US counter-insurgency („CoIn“) battle style without much care of the civil population raised alarm and opposition worldwide, with detailed reports surfacing all over the media...


Trump’s INF Treaty Game

Trump ugly

The INF treaty covers intermediate range nuclear forces – but Trump’s handling might result in wide range and long term consequences, trading US political interests for short term gains of their arms industry.

Two of the many problems analysts face with US president Trump’s political moves are, that the gap between announcement and factual decision and the life cycle of a decision are not really predictable. This bulk of trouble is overshadowed by the fact, that this US president is used to see any of his moves in the light of two permanent campaigns he is working for: public relations in general and re-election specifically. The mere mentioning of these criteria implicates what everybody can see easily: Trump is simply not the type of person for serious long-term planning, programming and...


„Verschwörungstheorie“: Krach mit RT Deutsch

RTD Interview 2016-6-10

Viele wundern sich, warum Christoph Hörstel zwar für russische Medien schreibt und dort häufig interviewt wird – nicht jedoch bei RT Deutsch.

Das hat einen ganz einfachen – aber bedauerlichen – Grund: Am 10. Juni 2016 kam die RTDeutsch-Moderatorin Yasmin Kosubek nach Potsdam gefahren, um mich zum Thema „Bilderberger“-Treffen zu befragen. Tatsachengemäß gab ich ihr Auskunft, dass viele diese Gruppe fälschlich für ein Entscheidungsgremium halten. Zur Begründung stellte ich fest, dass es sich bei den wichtigeren Gästen zumeist um angestellte Top-Manger handelt, die jedoch jederzeit entlassen werden können. Die tatsächlichen Entscheidungsträger seinen zumeist zweistellige US-Milliardäre...


US: last fight for global dominance to start tomorrow morning!

Tomorrow morning isn’t just the start of the toughest sanctions in history, only to be compared with the measures against Germany and Japan in the wake of WW2.
Tomorrow the downtrodden and overstretched US-dominated financial and economic system starts its last fight for survival. And we, the people of this world, are called to help end this crazy system peacefully and jointly. How come a single nation’s currency was allowed for so long to help steal the fruits of global work, finance wars of oppression and foster the most terrible system of corruption in the history of mankind?
It is time to join hands and defend the well-being of the peaceful Iranian nation – thus in fact defending ourselves and survival of peace, justice and the global community of friendship between nations and peo...

Merz statt Merkel?!? – Schmerz statt Murksel!

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Merkel geht – KEIN Wachwechsel in Deutschland
Wer die jammervolle Riege der möglichen Nachfolge-Kandidaten ansieht, weiß: die Kartelle bleiben an der Macht, Washington bleibt mächtig, vor allem der deep state. WIE mächtig, lässt sich nicht einmal an den Kandidaten sehen – ALLE stecken tief im Sumpf.
Merkels Lieblingsnachfolge, CDU-Generalsekretärin Kramp-Karrenbauer, wird im Monat bis zum Parteitag HH hart ringen müssen. Sie ist nach außen hin blass geblieben und hat intern kaum Hausmacht, weil ihr saarländischer Landesverband so klein ist. Merkel wird kaum für sie kämpfen...


Iran Under US War Threat

Imminent US cabinet reshuffle gives a hint on planning.

This is the special Trump way to fire a minister: Talk bad about him in public, hint he’s “on the way out” – and help raise the level of speculations about potential successors. All of this happens these days to US defense minister James “mad dog” Mattis. In the Mattis case, the US president even went so far as to describe his MoD as a „Democrat“, which, to his constituency three weeks from the midterm elections, may very well sound like „high treason“.

What’s the problem anyway with James Mattis, a very popular marine general? Looking at what the man actually does these days – is awesomely helpful to US interests: He’s seeking better military ties with China, to take that area of government out of the hot exchanges in the...


Western Media Murder Games

Frenzy about an alleged (fake) Russian murder case – near complete silence about French realities.

French state prosecutors have it, that former French secret service (DGSE) agents planned to kill a Congolese ex-general and opposition leader, Ferdinand Mbaou. In rare dry openness names of the ex-agents are given as: Daniel Forestier and Bruno Susini. French justice has worked swiftly and successfully...