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Western Media Murder Games

Frenzy about an alleged (fake) Russian murder case – near complete silence about French realities.

French state prosecutors have it, that former French secret service (DGSE) agents planned to kill a Congolese ex-general and opposition leader, Ferdinand Mbaou. In rare dry openness names of the ex-agents are given as: Daniel Forestier and Bruno Susini. French justice has worked swiftly and successfully...


Syria: Erdogan’s Tough Choices

Sochi agreement on the demilitarized Idlib belt offers risks – and opportunities.

The chain of events is now allowing prognoses: After the fall of IS/Daesh strongholds in Duma/Damascus and Daraa the Syrian government and its allies Russia and Iran took quite a while to pick up the thrust and start attacking the HTS stronghold Idlib and the sounding areas close to Aleppo in the east and Hama in the south, where many other militia groups from a variety of political backgrounds are operating. Already in these weeks it became clear, that partner Turkey slowed down the momentum of Syria’s liberation of terror militias...


Macron’s New Security Strategy For Europe

Security Partnership To Include Russia and Turkey – How Credible?

French President Macron issued his idea in two steps – in a visible effort not to overload the public. The first step came on Monday, August 27, in front of the annual conference of French ambassadors; the young leader pushed for a more independent European Union to organize her security objectives including Russia: in a multipolar world. The second and equally big step followed Thursday, August 30, in Helsinki, at the news conference after a work meeting with Finland’s president Niinisto...


Macrons neue Sicherheitsstrategie für Europa: im Westen nichts Neues

Die jüngsten Äußerungen des französischen Präsidenten Macron zu einer neuen europäischen Sicherheitsstrategie einschließlich Russland und Türkei ändern die Lage nicht: Wir leben in einer Situation, die an 1938 erinnert.
Das Finanzsystem ist ruiniert, fehlt nur noch der Zusammenbruch – und der ist sicher. Europa, die ganze westliche Welt, wird von korrupten Kräften regiert, die den Kartellen nahestehen. Die Wege in Chaos und Zerstörung sind vorgezeichnet. Unter diesen Umständen können nur noch klare und unumkehrbare Signale Vertrauen erwecken und die krisengeschüttelte Lage festigen. Die folgenden Schritte können und müssen Europäer ergreifen:
Distanzierung, Nicht-Unterstützung und Gegenmaßnahmen ankündigen in Bezug auf alle kriegstreiberischen Schr...

After Macron’s Statements: The New Situation Is The Old

The recent Macron statements of European security including Russia do not change anything: In fact we live in a 1938 type of situation.
The financial system is broken, only the crash is missing and sure to come. Europe, the western world, are governed by cartel-owned corrupt leaders. The lines to organize chaos and destruction are drawn. In this situation only clear and irrevocable signs may raise trust – and stabilize the crisis-ridden situation. This is what EUROPEANS can and must do:
In General:
Declaration of distance, non-support and adverse steps from all of Washington’s war mongering steps and plans, with emphasis on the new no-fly-zone for the region being installed right now in Northeastern Syria, recent arrival of fresh US naval forces in the ME theater, Mediterrainean Sea and Pe...

Putin-Merkel Meeting: Stakes And Hopes

It’s good they talk – but how good are the talks, really?

German chancellor Merkel meets with two Russians: foreign affairs minister Lavrov and army head Gerassimov – in Berlin, July 24, 2018. But then, observers ask themselves about the astonishing feat, that Gerassimov is allowed into the EU though he is barred from entering by sanctions dating back to 2014, after Moscow succeeded in saving Crimea from the multi-criminal chaos ruling Kiev-dominated parts of Ukraine.

I. The Lavrov-Gerassimov Meeting

Dry facts are, that Berlin had to ask the EU’s consent prior to the meeting, received it without delay – and the Russian duo went to Israel first, from there to Berlin and subsequently continued for talks with French president Macron in Paris...


Iran-Sanktionen: Europa weich, unklar und nicht verlässlich

Wenn EU-Regierungen ihr eigenes Anti-Blockade-Gesetz nicht einhalten, scheitert das Atomabkommen – und mit ihm womöglich der Frieden.

Seit heute früh 6 Uhr MESZ sind die ersten US-Sanktionen in Kraft. Bereits eine halbe Stunde zuvor war das Anti-Blockade-Gesetz von 1996 in Kraft getreten, das jeglichen Gehorsam bei ungenehmigten Sanktionen verbietet. Die Lage unter US-Sanktionspolitik sieht nun so aus: Iran soll keine US-Dollar erwerben. Handel mit Gold, (Edel)Metallen, Rohstoffen und Industriesoftware ist verboten, Import iranischer Lebensmittel und Teppiche in die USA ebenfalls untersagt. 90 Tage später, also Anfang November, folgen noch härtere Sanktionen gegen Ölimporte aus Iran. Gleichzeitig wird der internationale Zahlungsverkehr mit Iran lahmgelegt...


Washington plans a coup in Iran

Deployment of a nuclear-capable US fleet in the Mediterranean Sea speaks a clear language, too.

The Islamic revolution in Iran would not have been possible without US support: Its leader Ayatollah Khomeini would never have made it into the flight from Paris to Tehran without CIA consent. This costly decision came under pressure: Had Khomeini not stepped in, a communist takeover was the likely alternative – and to Washington: anathema. But Khomeini never planned to become Washington’s errand boy and brazenly took apart the very commanding system, which Washington had installed in Tehran: a huge embassy compound covering a full block, from where all important Shah decisions were prepared and controlled...


Trump-Putin Summit in Western Mainstream Media: A Bad Guy Meeting?

US and Russian presidents are equally not much liked – for no good reasons.

Gone are the times, when global war lingered – and the world held its breath while leaders haggled and struggled. This is 2018: Two aged presidents with a truly outstanding life experience record openly speak out for peace and understanding – and get chastised by a propaganda blast as if they had threatened mankind. There ‘s definitely something deeply wrong in the state of the western world, not only in their corporate media. And that state reaches even as far as Australia and New Zealand.

Intrigue and secret service fingering appeared almost shockingly unveiled in the run-up to the much-awaited summit in Helsinki – and obviously directed to disturb it...


Reliable Partners? EU Foreign Policy and the Iran Nuclear Agreement JCPoA

The world is watching how Washington’s vassals fail to stand up for their international reputation and fair treatment of contract partners – a turning point in EU history!
Pakistan’s famed president, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, truly lost no time. As soon as the ink was dry on the secret behind-the-scenes agreement with the US, allowing Pakistan development of its own nuclear weapon to balance Soviet-backed India’s, he set out on a sales trip unprecedented in world’s history and unparalleled ever since. This happened in 1972...