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Washington plans a coup in Iran

Deployment of a nuclear-capable US fleet in the Mediterranean Sea speaks a clear language, too.

The Islamic revolution in Iran would not have been possible without US support: Its leader Ayatollah Khomeini would never have made it into the flight from Paris to Tehran without CIA consent. This costly decision came under pressure: Had Khomeini not stepped in, a communist takeover was the likely alternative – and to Washington: anathema. But Khomeini never planned to become Washington’s errand boy and brazenly took apart the very commanding system, which Washington had installed in Tehran: a huge embassy compound covering a full block, from where all important Shah decisions were prepared and controlled...


ZENSUR: Facebook sperrt DREI Seiten für je 30 Tage!

Sehr geehrter Herr Zuckerberg,

Ihre Beauftragten haben hier soeben die Mitwirkung an DREI Seiten eines international gefragten Politik-Analysten für 30 Tage blockiert:

Christoph Hörstel  –  Neue Mitte  –  Deutsch-Türkische Liga

Unzweifelhaft auch gemäß westlicher Berichterstattung in Großmedien ist:

– Am Wochenende hatte Israel mit den Weißhelmen eine Organisation unterstützt, die in Syrien direkt an der Seite von IS arbeitet – und deren Mitglieder gemeinsam mit IS den Damaskus-Vorort Duma in Richtung Idlib verlassen haben.

– Schon zuvor hatte Israel gemäß gleicher Quellen IS-Kämpfer in israelischen Krankenhäusern betreut.

– Israel hat wiederholt rechtswidrig Syrien mit Bomben und Raketen sowie Artillerie angegriffen.

– Israel terrorisiert laufend und unverhältnismäßig di...


Israel’s Support to IS

Final battle in Idlib: How far will Israel go?

It happened very quickly – and it happened at night during the last weekend: Israel suddenly opened its tightly sealed border with Syria and allowed 400-800 members of the “White Helmets” inside its territory, alongside their family members. They came with buses looking new and well-climatized and were kept inside a military camp directly behind the border. (“White Helmets” is a pure propaganda name for these supporters of terror and all sorts of crime, aspiring public relations gains by a designation proximity to the UN “Blue Helmets”. As if the questions involved were about colors.) Only very few media were allowed to cover the sensational story, which dwarfs every conspiracy theory.

But what do we call this story as compared t...


Angriff auf den Iran rollt – diesmal gefährlicher denn je

Die AIPAC-Vollversammlung erhebt sich zu brausendem Beifall: So viele, so krasse Versprechen hat noch nie ein Präsidentschaftskandidat der USA vor dieser mächtigsten politischen Vereinigung im Lande gemacht, nicht nur für Israel sondern auch gegen Iran. Man schreibt den 20. März 2016, Trump ist sichtlich zufrieden. Parteiische Politik zugunsten Israels hat er versprochen, Verlegung der US-Botschaft nach Jerusalem (nicht etwa: West-Jerusalem), Ausstieg aus dem Atomvertrag.

Trump hat Wort gehalten – und damit wesentlich dazu beigetragen, den Nahen Osten kriegsreif zu machen, wie von den tatsächlichen Machthabern dieser Welt gewünscht und befohlen. Am 4. August will dieser bizarre Präsident die schärfsten Sanktionen gegen den Iran in Gang setzen, die die Welt und die Geschichte je ges...


Trump-Putin Summit in Western Mainstream Media: A Bad Guy Meeting?

US and Russian presidents are equally not much liked – for no good reasons.

Gone are the times, when global war lingered – and the world held its breath while leaders haggled and struggled. This is 2018: Two aged presidents with a truly outstanding life experience record openly speak out for peace and understanding – and get chastised by a propaganda blast as if they had threatened mankind. There ‘s definitely something deeply wrong in the state of the western world, not only in their corporate media. And that state reaches even as far as Australia and New Zealand.

Intrigue and secret service fingering appeared almost shockingly unveiled in the run-up to the much-awaited summit in Helsinki – and obviously directed to disturb it...


Reliable Partners? EU Foreign Policy and the Iran Nuclear Agreement JCPoA

The world is watching how Washington’s vassals fail to stand up for their international reputation and fair treatment of contract partners – a turning point in EU history!
Pakistan’s famed president, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, truly lost no time. As soon as the ink was dry on the secret behind-the-scenes agreement with the US, allowing Pakistan development of its own nuclear weapon to balance Soviet-backed India’s, he set out on a sales trip unprecedented in world’s history and unparalleled ever since. This happened in 1972...


Refugees, Mass Migration – and a German Government Crisis

Germany is facing deeper problems than the ones discussed today – and much tougher choices: The whole political/financial system appears at stake.

The current German government crisis has three reasons. The least important is the personal chemistry and longstanding political competition between Bavarian ex-prime minister Horst Seehofer, turned federal Home Secretary in the present federal government in spring – and a truly strong international player, chancellor Angela Merkel.
Next in line is the mass influx of migrants from the Middle East and Africa, leaving behind tough conditions in various camps in Turkey, Lebanon and the North African shoreline of the Mediterranean Sea. In Germany they are called “refugees” by the big mass media, but in fact they are economic migrants.
Main ...