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CENSORSHIP: Vimeo platfom closes down NEUE MITTE account – all documents – by Christoph Hörstel 2021-3-18


2021-3-18, 20:12 CET

Anjali Sud,

count the days, until we switch „Vimeo“ and all offsprings off the German and other like-minded markets for censorship in the service of global crime.
Christoph Hörstel
Federal Chairman


2021-3-18, 19:57 CET

Dear Neue Mitte,

Your account has been removed by the Vimeo Staff for violating our Guidelines.

Reason: Wir verbieten Konten, die Inhalte mit falschen oder irreführenden Behauptungen über (1) die Sicherheit von Impfungen oder (2) gesundheitsbezogene Informationen hochladen, die eine potenziell gravierende Gefahr für die Öffentlichkeit darstellen.

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If you believe this was...


The Corona Conspiracy: Christoph Hörstel – AHaber TV „Yazboz“ 2020-3-14

Corona Conspiracy

1 – Is coronavirus destroying the world for a new one? What is your opinion?

The western corona virus hype is a crazy story.

“Corona” = Latin language = “crown” = crown of lies and betrayal?

Because of a few thousand deaths corrupt governments in the pockets of the global pharmaceutical mafia are deliberately organizing an economy crisis. For example:

  • Not “Corona” is destroying anything: handling by corrupt governments following orders by global pharmaceutical mafia: is destructive and disruptive for economy and social life
  • whole virus theory is unproven, Corona tests worldwide vary
  • diagnosis completely unsure – openly admitted by top doctors in hospitals in Berlin – Charité
    • on what scientifically proven ground?: body count of Corona deaths
    • Germany: obligatory measles v...

KW19-23: D-Day + Souveränität Deutschlands – 2019-6-10


Montag, 10. Juni 2019 – 13 Uhr – 10 Mio Clicks – DANKE!

Bald: 50.000 Abos!

0: 36 – D-Day-Erklärung


  • miese Stimmung, sehr durch Trump-Auftritt, köstliches Foto!
  • Trump: alles durch USA: stärker, besser, schöner
  • Proklamation völlig verlogen
    • Frieden, Zusammenarbeit, Gerechtigkeit

2:06 – Visagen-Video: Ehepaare Trump und May!

© Foto: Tagesschau

2:52 – Trump-Unterschrift: reine Show: Wahlkampf!! „Make America…“


  • Sowjetunion: weit höhere Opferzahlen als alle anderen Alliierten
  • Russland: Deutschland freigegeben – Rest-Osteuropa!
  • Kartelle/Logen:
    • Riesenchance durch Einladung Russland vertan!
    • Trump darf Russland-Beziehung nicht verbessern!
    • Deutschland vorgeführt: neben griech. Präsident: 377 mia!

7:17 – Merkel in Portsmouth degradiert!

© Fot...


Iran Under US War Threat

Imminent US cabinet reshuffle gives a hint on planning.

This is the special Trump way to fire a minister: Talk bad about him in public, hint he’s “on the way out” – and help raise the level of speculations about potential successors. All of this happens these days to US defense minister James “mad dog” Mattis. In the Mattis case, the US president even went so far as to describe his MoD as a „Democrat“, which, to his constituency three weeks from the midterm elections, may very well sound like „high treason“.

What’s the problem anyway with James Mattis, a very popular marine general? Looking at what the man actually does these days – is awesomely helpful to US interests: He’s seeking better military ties with China, to take that area of government out of the hot exchanges in the...


Macron’s New Security Strategy For Europe

Security Partnership To Include Russia and Turkey – How Credible?

French President Macron issued his idea in two steps – in a visible effort not to overload the public. The first step came on Monday, August 27, in front of the annual conference of French ambassadors; the young leader pushed for a more independent European Union to organize her security objectives including Russia: in a multipolar world. The second and equally big step followed Thursday, August 30, in Helsinki, at the news conference after a work meeting with Finland’s president Niinisto...


After Macron’s Statements: The New Situation Is The Old

The recent Macron statements of European security including Russia do not change anything: In fact we live in a 1938 type of situation.
The financial system is broken, only the crash is missing and sure to come. Europe, the western world, are governed by cartel-owned corrupt leaders. The lines to organize chaos and destruction are drawn. In this situation only clear and irrevocable signs may raise trust – and stabilize the crisis-ridden situation. This is what EUROPEANS can and must do:
In General:
Declaration of distance, non-support and adverse steps from all of Washington’s war mongering steps and plans, with emphasis on the new no-fly-zone for the region being installed right now in Northeastern Syria, recent arrival of fresh US naval forces in the ME theater, Mediterrainean Sea and Pe...

Refugees, Mass Migration – and a German Government Crisis

Germany is facing deeper problems than the ones discussed today – and much tougher choices: The whole political/financial system appears at stake.

The current German government crisis has three reasons. The least important is the personal chemistry and longstanding political competition between Bavarian ex-prime minister Horst Seehofer, turned federal Home Secretary in the present federal government in spring – and a truly strong international player, chancellor Angela Merkel.
Next in line is the mass influx of migrants from the Middle East and Africa, leaving behind tough conditions in various camps in Turkey, Lebanon and the North African shoreline of the Mediterranean Sea. In Germany they are called “refugees” by the big mass media, but in fact they are economic migrants.
Main ...