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Scandinavia On A Dangerous Path


NATO’s continuous anti-Russian aggression increasingly reaches out to northern Europe for further escalation.

The US mercenary company „Mission Essential“, Ohio, is seeking personnel „speaking Russian and Norwegian to assist emergency secret operations of the U.S. military in Norway”, – reports US „Newsweek“ magazine, referring to Russian media and Maria Zakharova, Russian foreign affairs spokeswoman as of last week. Her accusation sounds highly credible: „American companies are recruiting staff in NATO member Norway to carry out provocations against Russia.“ Of course, Washington isn’t really delighted to see such efforts exposed – says „Newsweek“: „It is unclear why the Russian government was aware of the jobs being advertised by a U.S. security company...


75. Jahrestag: Befreiung Leningrads in Westmedium

Leningrad 9-1941

Russe protestiert gegen faschistische Propaganda

Das folgende Schreiben erhielt ich gestern Nacht per Mail. Ich bin entsetzt über das Verhalten der „Süddeutschen Zeitung“ (SZ) ausgerechnet zu einem Gedenktag in Russland mit Bezug zum letzten Weltkrieg und zu einer Stadt wie Sankt Petersburg (vormals: Leningrad), die wie kaum eine andere für Russlands Nähe zum Rest Europas steht. Aber die SZ ist nicht das einzige große westliche Medium, das sich an unseren russischen Nachbarn und Freunden in ekelhafter Weise vergeht, auch an anderen Tagen.Leningrad-Bigalke

Sehr geehrter Herr Hörstel,

ich möchte Ihre Aufmerksamkeit auf den Artikel „Moskau missbraucht das Gedenken an Leningrad“ von Silke Bigalke in der Süddeutschen Zeitung lenken:




von Prof. Dr. Rolf Verleger*

Das Antisemitismus-Gerede überhöht Judenhass zum mystischen Ewigkeitsphänomen. Es dient vor allem dazu, Kritik an Israel zu denunzieren. Eine Antwort auf Micha Brumlik

Gibt es Antisemitismus auch unter Juden? Diese Frage bescherte Micha Brumlik den taz-Lesern zum jüdischen Pessachfest (taz vom 3. 4.2007). Prinzipiell sei dies denkbar, führte Brumlik aus, schließlich gebe es auch frauenfeindliche Frauen und schwulenfeindliche Homosexuelle. Daher könnten auch Juden, die Israels Politik kritisieren, „Antisemiten“ sein. Die Initiative „schalom 5767“ jedenfalls, in der rund 70 jüdische Unterzeichner gefordert haben, sogar mit der Hamas zu reden, nehme den Antisemitismus der Hamas „zumindest billigend in Kauf“.

Zunächst einmal fällt der denunziat...


Venezuela – Turning Point for US Hegemonism?


The revolutionary life achievement of president Maduro’s overarching predecessor Chávez nearly destroyed, forces gather to withstand Washington’s designs.

South American history changed course on February 15, 1898. In the evening of that day, a heavy explosion rocked the armored cruiser USS „Maine“, anchored in Havana harbor, which sank soon after, killing 266 US soldiers on board. The incident marks the first big-size US-made international false flag operation. From then on, Washington successfully widened its power space over South America – and through and after WW2 expanded globally. The situation in Latin America deteriorated to such an extent, that single-handed whistleblowers like the famous ex-CIA agent Philip Agee became global leaders of multi-pronged efforts to expose CIA agent...


Putin-Erdoğan Meeting: Progress is Joint Vision!

Putin-Erdoğan 2019-1-23

Presidents Putin and Erdoğan present a developed relationship of partners ready to overcome their difficulties.

Illegal US pressure and interference in the increasingly dangerous case of Venezuela is only one first-class show piece of how far good Russian-Turkish relations may reach. Biggest challenge today, however, is a constructive solution to contradictions in Syria, which are situated much closer to both partners and their troops. And, of course the third partner in the Astana process, Iran, should never be forgotten.

Last Wednesday’s meeting of the two presidents became necessary, after Turkey’s failure to achieve the promised progress in Idlib province coincided unhappily with Turkish plans on establishment of a „25-30 km“ (Erdoğan, joint press conference) security belt on Syrian ...


The USA and the Syrian Kurds

Gespannte Erwartung

US foreign policy is (mis)using Kurdish nationalism since succeeding to British global aspirations in the wake of WW2

The Kurdish people pride themselves in a very old history, forerunners reaching back to early Neolithic settlers up to 10’000 years B.C.. Sykes-Picot map drawing of 1916 willingly sacrificed their national territorial aspirations to serve British and French imperialist colonialism. Today Kurdish population is estimated to count between 30-45 million people – estimates suffering from lack of data –, divided to mainly four countries: Turkey (15-20 million), Iran (11 million), Iraq (8 million) and Syria (estimates between 1.6-2.5 million).

US covert and overt policy is using Kurdish tribes to destabilize all four home countries, including terrorism...