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KW19-19: Trumps Kriege: systemtypisch!

Trumps Kriege

Samstag, 11. Mai 2019 – 15:30 Uhr

 Iran: US-Eskalation

  • neue US-Sanktionen
  • Flottenverbände zum pers. Golf: BlackOps-typisch!

Abraham Lincoln: Jäger + 2 Gruppen Helis

Kreuzer: 4 Raketen, zusätzlich: 1 Patriot, 1 Heli-Träger

  • „Wall Street Journal“: Geheimberichte: Iran-Angriffspläne!:
    • US-Streitkräfte in Irak & Syrien
    • Schifffahrt um Jemen – Nachschub für Saudi-Angreifer!
  • US-Träger-Präsenz „irregulär“ letzte 18 Monate – USNI
  • Zuvor „John Stennis“. März+Dezember 18: amphibische Kräfte!
  • Golf = Todesfalle für Flugzeugträger!: Pearl Harbor???
  • Pearl Harbor-ÜBUNG
  • Achtung auf False Flag!!! Vietnam: Golf von Tonkin!
  • USA: Eskalations-ÜBUNG = Angriffsübung!
  • ParsToday-Interview!
  • Teheran: 60-Tage-Frist zur Erfüllung an die Europäer
    • Instex läuft nicht
  • 300 mio Euro...

Putin-Erdoğan Meeting: Progress is Joint Vision!

Putin-Erdoğan 2019-1-23

Presidents Putin and Erdoğan present a developed relationship of partners ready to overcome their difficulties.

Illegal US pressure and interference in the increasingly dangerous case of Venezuela is only one first-class show piece of how far good Russian-Turkish relations may reach. Biggest challenge today, however, is a constructive solution to contradictions in Syria, which are situated much closer to both partners and their troops. And, of course the third partner in the Astana process, Iran, should never be forgotten.

Last Wednesday’s meeting of the two presidents became necessary, after Turkey’s failure to achieve the promised progress in Idlib province coincided unhappily with Turkish plans on establishment of a „25-30 km“ (Erdoğan, joint press conference) security belt on Syrian ...


Eindämmung der Kartellmacht und Friedenspflicht

Kartell Frieden

Die verbrecherische globale Macht der Kartelle und Logen lässt sich nur eindämmen, wenn die guten Kräfte unbeirrbar Frieden halten.

Einer großen und ständig wachsenden Zahl informierter Menschen ist klar, dass unsere Welt mit allen ihren Völkern und Herausforderungen sich nur dann wird erfreulich und im Sinne aller und der Schöpfung weiterentwickeln können, wenn die Macht der selbsternannten Weltbeherrscher in Kartellen und Logen eingedämmt und stark gemindert wird. Kennzeichen dieses guten und daher erstrebenswerten Zustandes ist, dass die Völker und Menschen untereinander unbedingt Frieden halten.

Revisionistische, revanchistische Politik hingegen ist klares Kennzeichen für Kartellzugehörigkeit bei Politikern und ihren Parteien...


Turkey Sends More Troops Into North-East Syria

Turkey Troops Syria Erdogan

Washington’s escalatory steps force Ankara to react – with potentially positive consequences for the stalled Russian-Turkish Sochi agreement. 

The news came Wednesday noon and were as brief as precise: Turkish president Erdoğan announced, that he plans to launch a military operation in North-East Syria in the coming days. Two weeks earlier, the US army was reported by a CIA-backed publication to have set up military installations, three in Tal Abyad and two in Kobane. Preparations show, that Erdoğan plans to move quickly:

  • – in previous days, Turkish army has brought army personnel of the 3rd Brigade as well as supplies to the Syrian border.
  • – on Wednesday, Turkish troops took down walls of the city of Ras al-Ain
  • – at the same time, US forces set up an observation post near the town of...

The Hushed-Up Summit Success

Seven year-old Syria conflict gets a shiny new peace building format – while western propaganda media look the other way.

That’s certainly unprecedented but interesting and symptomatic: The biggest German daily „Süddeutsche“ squeezes a few lines on its front page governed by regional elections in  the state of Hesse and the umpteenth article on the truly terrible and deplorable synagogue killing spree in Pittsburgh, USA. Leading opinion shapers such as „Spiegel online“ and New York Times enumerate a few dry facts – and that’s it: Russian president Putin, his Turkish colleague Erdoğan, German chancellor Merkel and French president Macron met on a sunny Saturday afternoon in Istanbul overlooking the Bosporus...


Syria: Erdogan’s Tough Choices

Sochi agreement on the demilitarized Idlib belt offers risks – and opportunities.

The chain of events is now allowing prognoses: After the fall of IS/Daesh strongholds in Duma/Damascus and Daraa the Syrian government and its allies Russia and Iran took quite a while to pick up the thrust and start attacking the HTS stronghold Idlib and the sounding areas close to Aleppo in the east and Hama in the south, where many other militia groups from a variety of political backgrounds are operating. Already in these weeks it became clear, that partner Turkey slowed down the momentum of Syria’s liberation of terror militias...


Who’s Behind Washington’s New Anti-Russian Sanctions

US foreign policy is alienating billions of people to please a small fraction.

It took a while and came under time pressure – but passed swiftly and smoothly: Last week, congress pushed a new set of sanctions against Russia down Donald Trump’s throat. The pitiable president not only had to denounce his good understanding with his Russian colleague Vladimir Putin in the aftermath of the successful Helsinki summit under huge cartel (media) pressure  – but later obviously had little or no say in this new effrontery, according to aides. The latter called the decision-taking and deadline-driven process: „administration business as usual“...


Turkey’s troubles with foreign agents

Cases Gülen, Brunson and Yücel involve US and German governments

Presbyterian Church priest Andrew Brunson doesn’t hold his services in a big and impressing old church building. He works out of a small apartment in the city of Izmir, on the country’s Aegean coast, with usually up to 25 faithful attending services. But his troubles involve president and administration of the USA – and the Turkish government. Daughter Jacqueline Brunson Furnari testified on her father’s behalf before the UN, European officials and US Senators. This big-size echo raises Turkish suspicion against Brunson...


Open question: Mr. Zuckerberg, are you a Jew or a Nazi?

At first glance, the question seems little sensitive for a German national; but times are rough, WW3 is looming – and we Germans are living under this growing threat. Israel and the U.S. are both part of the problem, not part of any lasting solution – and this endangers jews and non-jews alike all over the globe. I entered politics in order to help make sure, that never again jews may be harmed. From 1985 I supported the Afghan Mujahideen in their just fight agains Soviet invasion, by accompanying them in battles, teaching them how to to take films and distributing our material to more than 144 countries around the globe...