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Venezuela – Turning Point for US Hegemonism?


The revolutionary life achievement of president Maduro’s overarching predecessor Chávez nearly destroyed, forces gather to withstand Washington’s designs.

South American history changed course on February 15, 1898. In the evening of that day, a heavy explosion rocked the armored cruiser USS „Maine“, anchored in Havana harbor, which sank soon after, killing 266 US soldiers on board. The incident marks the first big-size US-made international false flag operation. From then on, Washington successfully widened its power space over South America – and through and after WW2 expanded globally. The situation in Latin America deteriorated to such an extent, that single-handed whistleblowers like the famous ex-CIA agent Philip Agee became global leaders of multi-pronged efforts to expose CIA agent...


Was 2019 wichtig wird – dazu: ALLES GUTE.


Die einen beginnen ein neues Jahr mit guten Vorsätzen, die anderen lassen das gleich, aus bitterer Erfahrung – aber WIR von der Neuen Mitte wissen, dass es ohne Fokussierung zumeist nur kraftloses Durcheinander gibt – und den gewaltigen Lügenbrei der Kartellpropaganda. Also priorisieren wir:

  • 1. SICHERSTELLEN: NIE WIEDER Krieg Deutschland-Russland!!

George Friedman vom Thinktank „Stratfor“ hatte es 2015 vor dem „Chicago Council on Global Affairs“ auf den Punkt gebracht: Oberstes Ziel der US-Außenpolitik seit 100 Jahren sei es, eine Freundschaft zwischen Deutschland und Russland zu verhindern. Wer ein wenig „politisch tickt“, weiß, was da zu tun ist: Freundschaft mit Russland! Sofort, dauerhaft, tiefgreifend, unumkehrbar...


Turkey Sends More Troops Into North-East Syria

Turkey Troops Syria Erdogan

Washington’s escalatory steps force Ankara to react – with potentially positive consequences for the stalled Russian-Turkish Sochi agreement. 

The news came Wednesday noon and were as brief as precise: Turkish president Erdoğan announced, that he plans to launch a military operation in North-East Syria in the coming days. Two weeks earlier, the US army was reported by a CIA-backed publication to have set up military installations, three in Tal Abyad and two in Kobane. Preparations show, that Erdoğan plans to move quickly:

  • – in previous days, Turkish army has brought army personnel of the 3rd Brigade as well as supplies to the Syrian border.
  • – on Wednesday, Turkish troops took down walls of the city of Ras al-Ain
  • – at the same time, US forces set up an observation post near the town of...

The Hushed-Up Summit Success

Seven year-old Syria conflict gets a shiny new peace building format – while western propaganda media look the other way.

That’s certainly unprecedented but interesting and symptomatic: The biggest German daily „Süddeutsche“ squeezes a few lines on its front page governed by regional elections in  the state of Hesse and the umpteenth article on the truly terrible and deplorable synagogue killing spree in Pittsburgh, USA. Leading opinion shapers such as „Spiegel online“ and New York Times enumerate a few dry facts – and that’s it: Russian president Putin, his Turkish colleague Erdoğan, German chancellor Merkel and French president Macron met on a sunny Saturday afternoon in Istanbul overlooking the Bosporus...


Storm on Idlib halted

Syria with Russia and Iran give peace a chance, Turkey crammed in reinforcements and remains constructively engaged.

Russian diplomacy is – yet again – at its best: The final battle for peace and stability in Syria is overdue, but partnership with newcomer Turkey is being rated so high in Moscow, Tehran and Damascus, that it’s obviously worth further postponement of the next and probably last big battle. That is the basic outcome of Monday’s very important Russian-Turkish Sochi summit.

A quick look back: Though Turkey hat vented doubts against the wisdom of an all-out attack in Idlib province, even after the September 7 summit of the successful Middle East policy triangle of Russia, Turkey and Iran, had been viewed as go-ahead for the bombing campaign...


Who’s Behind Washington’s New Anti-Russian Sanctions

US foreign policy is alienating billions of people to please a small fraction.

It took a while and came under time pressure – but passed swiftly and smoothly: Last week, congress pushed a new set of sanctions against Russia down Donald Trump’s throat. The pitiable president not only had to denounce his good understanding with his Russian colleague Vladimir Putin in the aftermath of the successful Helsinki summit under huge cartel (media) pressure  – but later obviously had little or no say in this new effrontery, according to aides. The latter called the decision-taking and deadline-driven process: „administration business as usual“...


Erdogan-Staatsbesuch: große Erpressungsshow

Eines ist sicher: Der Staatsbesuch des ehemaligen und neuen türkischen Präsidenten setzt eine historische Wendemarke.  

Jahrelang ist Recep Tayyip Erdogan der böse große Diktator, der (Möchtegern-)Sultan, der Verfolger des ehrenvollen freien Journalismus, Zerstörer der Demokratie, Verschwörer und Staatsstreich-Fälscher – da kommt eine ganze Menge zusammen. Dann hat er leider, trotz aller Einmischungen von außen, trotz Wirtschaftsmobbing und Finanzkrieg, zu allem Überfluss die letzte Präsidentschaftswahl gewonnen, Entscheidungswahl, unerwartet stark, so stark, dass unbedingt wieder der Vorwurf der Wahlfälschung erhoben wurde...


Turkey’s troubles with foreign agents

Cases Gülen, Brunson and Yücel involve US and German governments

Presbyterian Church priest Andrew Brunson doesn’t hold his services in a big and impressing old church building. He works out of a small apartment in the city of Izmir, on the country’s Aegean coast, with usually up to 25 faithful attending services. But his troubles involve president and administration of the USA – and the Turkish government. Daughter Jacqueline Brunson Furnari testified on her father’s behalf before the UN, European officials and US Senators. This big-size echo raises Turkish suspicion against Brunson...