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KW20-36 Betrugsskandal Reichstagsaffäre – Christoph Hörstel 2020-9-5


Samstag, 5. September 2020 – 16 Uhr


Kompletter Ablauf:

Vorwort für neue Gäste: Neue Mitte:

  • uneingeschränkt für ethisch begründete Politik
  • korrupte und unrechtmäßige Macht des globalen Finanzkartells: Grundübel unsere Zeit
  • augenblickliche Lage wegen krimineller Zusammenarbeit Finanz- + Pharma-Kartell, symbolisiert durch hälftigen Anteil Finanzier Warren Buffett an Gates-Stiftung, seit 2005: direkt als Folge des Scheiterns einer versuchten Pandemie-Installation wg. Vogelgrippe 2004
  • Schurkenpack arbeitet seit 15 Jahren gemeinsam am jetzigen „Erfolg“
  • Finanzmafia mit Energie- und Rüstungskartell: Weltkrieg
  • immer dabei: globales Medienkartell – für Überleben der Mafia zentrale Bedeutung, zusammen mit Finanzmafia

3:07 – Nacharbeit zur erfolgreichen Corona-Demo!

  • ERFOL...

The USA and the Syrian Kurds

Gespannte Erwartung

US foreign policy is (mis)using Kurdish nationalism since succeeding to British global aspirations in the wake of WW2

The Kurdish people pride themselves in a very old history, forerunners reaching back to early Neolithic settlers up to 10’000 years B.C.. Sykes-Picot map drawing of 1916 willingly sacrificed their national territorial aspirations to serve British and French imperialist colonialism. Today Kurdish population is estimated to count between 30-45 million people – estimates suffering from lack of data –, divided to mainly four countries: Turkey (15-20 million), Iran (11 million), Iraq (8 million) and Syria (estimates between 1.6-2.5 million).

US covert and overt policy is using Kurdish tribes to destabilize all four home countries, including terrorism...


Turkey Sends More Troops Into North-East Syria

Turkey Troops Syria Erdogan

Washington’s escalatory steps force Ankara to react – with potentially positive consequences for the stalled Russian-Turkish Sochi agreement. 

The news came Wednesday noon and were as brief as precise: Turkish president Erdoğan announced, that he plans to launch a military operation in North-East Syria in the coming days. Two weeks earlier, the US army was reported by a CIA-backed publication to have set up military installations, three in Tal Abyad and two in Kobane. Preparations show, that Erdoğan plans to move quickly:

  • – in previous days, Turkish army has brought army personnel of the 3rd Brigade as well as supplies to the Syrian border.
  • – on Wednesday, Turkish troops took down walls of the city of Ras al-Ain
  • – at the same time, US forces set up an observation post near the town of...