KW19-32: KRIEG: Treiber und Bremser – 2019-8-10


US INF-Waffen: demnächst in Asien!

  • Europa + Welt jetzt Wettrüsten! Alle Hebel bereits umgelegt!
  • Rüstungskartell glücklich – Kartellmafia: Krieg rückt näher
  • korrupte + abhängige Politiker unfähig = WKII

1:07 – Iran: Nato-Aggression + Lügen

  • Iran entleert kleinen irakischen

Gespannte Erwartung in Nahost

Unter US-Präsident Trump sterben weit weniger Menschen als zuvor – aber das Chaos wächst bedrohlich.

1 Iran

Besonders stark in Mitleidenschaft gezogen ist der Iran. Die Entsendung einer ganzen Flottille in den Persischen Golf, Ankunft in Kalenderwoche 21, ist militärisch … Weiterlesen

Putin-Erdoğan Meeting: Progress is Joint Vision!

Presidents Putin and Erdoğan present a developed relationship of partners ready to overcome their difficulties.

Illegal US pressure and interference in the increasingly dangerous case of Venezuela is only one first-class show piece of how far good Russian-Turkish relations may … Weiterlesen

Turkey Sends More Troops Into North-East Syria

Washington’s escalatory steps force Ankara to react – with potentially positive consequences for the stalled Russian-Turkish Sochi agreement. 

The news came Wednesday noon and were as brief as precise: Turkish president Erdoğan announced, that he plans to launch a military … Weiterlesen

Who’s Behind Washington’s New Anti-Russian Sanctions

US foreign policy is alienating billions of people to please a small fraction.

It took a while and came under time pressure – but passed swiftly and smoothly: Last week, congress pushed a new set of sanctions against Russia down … Weiterlesen

Turkey’s troubles with foreign agents

Cases Gülen, Brunson and Yücel involve US and German governments

Presbyterian Church priest Andrew Brunson doesn’t hold his services in a big and impressing old church building. He works out of a small apartment in the city of Izmir, on … Weiterlesen

Open question: Mr. Zuckerberg, are you a Jew or a Nazi?

At first glance, the question seems little sensitive for a German national; but times are rough, WW3 is looming – and we Germans are living under this growing threat. Israel and the U.S. are both part of the problem, not … Weiterlesen