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CENSORSHIP: Vimeo platfom closes down NEUE MITTE account – all documents – by Christoph Hörstel 2021-3-18


2021-3-18, 20:12 CET

Anjali Sud,

count the days, until we switch „Vimeo“ and all offsprings off the German and other like-minded markets for censorship in the service of global crime.
Christoph Hörstel
Federal Chairman


2021-3-18, 19:57 CET

Dear Neue Mitte,

Your account has been removed by the Vimeo Staff for violating our Guidelines.

Reason: Wir verbieten Konten, die Inhalte mit falschen oder irreführenden Behauptungen über (1) die Sicherheit von Impfungen oder (2) gesundheitsbezogene Informationen hochladen, die eine potenziell gravierende Gefahr für die Öffentlichkeit darstellen.

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If you believe this was...


US: last fight for global dominance to start tomorrow morning!

Tomorrow morning isn’t just the start of the toughest sanctions in history, only to be compared with the measures against Germany and Japan in the wake of WW2.
Tomorrow the downtrodden and overstretched US-dominated financial and economic system starts its last fight for survival. And we, the people of this world, are called to help end this crazy system peacefully and jointly. How come a single nation’s currency was allowed for so long to help steal the fruits of global work, finance wars of oppression and foster the most terrible system of corruption in the history of mankind?
It is time to join hands and defend the well-being of the peaceful Iranian nation – thus in fact defending ourselves and survival of peace, justice and the global community of friendship between nations and peo...