CENSORSHIP: Vimeo platfom closes down NEUE MITTE account – all documents – by Christoph Hörstel 2021-3-18

2021-3-18, 20:12 CET

Anjali Sud,

count the days, until we switch „Vimeo“ and all offsprings off the German and other like-minded markets for censorship in the service of global crime.
Christoph Hörstel
Federal Chairman


2021-3-18, 19:57 CET

Dear Neue Mitte,

Your account has been removed by the Vimeo Staff for violating our Guidelines.

Reason: Wir verbieten Konten, die Inhalte mit falschen oder irreführenden Behauptungen über (1) die Sicherheit von Impfungen oder (2) gesundheitsbezogene Informationen hochladen, die eine potenziell gravierende Gefahr für die Öffentlichkeit darstellen.

For more information on our content and community policies, please visit:

If you believe this was an error, please reply to this message as soon as possible to explain. (Please be aware that Vimeo moderators take action as violations come to our attention. “I see other people doing it” is not a valid explanation.)

Otherwise, we hope that you find a video platform better suited to your needs.

Vimeo Staff


Dan R. (Vimeo Trust & Safety)

18.03.2021, 14:57 GMT-4


Your account was terminated for violating Vimeo’s Terms of Service ( and Community Guidelines (

Vimeo does not allow videos that:

  • Conveys false or misleading health-related information that has a serious potential to cause public harm
  • Claims that mass tragedies are hoaxes or false flag operations
  • Perpetuates false or misleading claims about vaccine safety
  • Makes derogatory or inflammatory statements about individuals or groups of people
  • Are intended to harm someone’s reputation
  • Claims that the Coronavirus is a hoax or promotes various other conspiracy theories around the virus

This list is not exhaustive and we reserve the right to remove any coronavirus-related content that we believe is exploitative or harmful in order to protect the safety of our community.

We are unable to restore accounts that have been terminated for this kind of violation. As this is our final decision, we will be unable to respond further.

We wish you the best of luck in finding a hosting platform better suited to your needs.

Dan R.


Christoph R. Hörstel

14.03.2021, 15:26 GMT-4

Hi, Lili S.,

thank you for your communication.

Since you sign for your department named as „Vimeo Trust & Safety“ and the mail address reads „legal“ – don’t you think, it is somehow civilised use, to offer your full name to your counterpart, as we do and give a lot more data on our party’s website?

Furthermore, I am completely at a loss, how to handle your statement:

„Vimeo does not allow videos that perpetuate false or misleading claims about vaccine safety“

Because this is exactly what providers of „Corona“ vaccines clearly do today. In fact, these producers have received government-backed liability exemptions, since obviously they themselves were not overly sure of their products.

Recently, US medical sources found out statistically, that „Corona“ vaccines are 50 times more deadly than all others beforehand.<>

Yet, Vimeo is spreading all kinds of Pharma propaganda – unchecked?

What is more, to this day your company has not answered any of our communication and, alas, keeps our top-quality video „KW20-40“ in censorship – offering the usual wrong and/or unfit choices of accusations.

Our next question is of course: Does it suffice for „Vimeo legal“ and „Trust & Safety“ to get away with any blatant lie if the producer of a video are a global corporate player or directly or indirectly associated with it?

Since thousands of people have died after receiving „Corona“ vaccines and more are yet to fall victim to this biggest single business in the history of mankind, are we from Neue Mitte as paying customers entitled to „further assistance?“

Because I clearly feel: This is what we need urgently.

Please be well and have a happy and healthy workday,

kind regards,

Christoph R. Hörstel
Bundesvorsitzender Neue Mitte


Lili S. (Vimeo Trust & Safety)

11.03.2021, 12:01 GMT-5


Your account was flagged for violating Vimeo’s Terms of Service ( and Community Guidelines (

Vimeo does not allow videos that:

  • Falsely claim that mass tragedies are hoaxes
  • Depict or encourage self-harm
  • Perpetuate false or misleading claims about vaccine safety

This includes, but is not limited to, the following videos:

Please review the videos on your account and remove any that violate Vimeo’s Terms of Service and Guidelines by the requested timeframe. Otherwise, your account may be at risk for termination.

Thanks for your understanding.

Lili S.
Trust and Safety Associate


Neue Mitte

10.03.2021, 19:07 GMT-5

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

allerdings bin ich schockiert über Ihr Vorgehen. Sie haben das Video KW20-40, das YouTube soeben wieder freigegeben hatte, nicht nur blockiert sondern entfernt – Sie blockieren und legen soeben den ganzen Kanal still.

Bisher nahm ich an, YouTube sei eine besonders auffällig antidemokratische Firma, die Zensur offen und in krasser Weise ausübt.

Jetzt stelle ich fest, dass Vimeo sich bedeutend schlimmer aufführt.

Sie entfernen Videos spurlos, antworten nicht auf Stellungnahmen und handeln damit rücksichtslos und arrogant.

Da Sie ja außerdem auch noch die Seite eines zahlenden Gastes blockieren, überdies eine beim Bundeswahlleiter eingetragene politische Partei, die bei den diesjährigen Bundestagswahlen antritt, sei noch einmal unmissverständlich festgehalten:

Die NEUE MITTE veröffentlicht ausschließlich wissenschaftlich und /oder journalistisch belegtes Material – Sie kommunizieren hier mit herausragenden Profis auf ihrem Gebiet. Ihre seltsam unbestimmten Vorwürfe treffen in keinem einzigen Fall zu, Sie können uns NICHT NACHWEISEN wessen Sie uns beschuldigen.

Vimeo kann den Bürgern der USA nicht in die Augen schauen: Amerikaner legen in ihrer übergroßen Mehrheit hohen Wert auf Integrität, Wahrhaftigkeit und Fairness.

Vimeo ist allein verantwortlich für alle politischen und wirtschaftlichen Konsequenzen, die sich aus derartigen Eingriffen in die freie Meinungsäußerung ergeben mögen: Ausschluss vom deutschen Markt.

Übrigens: WIR kommunizieren mit Ihnen und antworten stets und zügig. <> <>

Bessern Sie sich, bevor es für Ihr Unternehmen zu spät ist.

Mit besten Wünschen und Grüßen

Christoph R. Hörstel
Bundesvorsitzender Neue Mitte


Am 10.03.2021 um 16:53 schrieb Vimeo <>:>
Hallo Neue Mitte,

Ein Vimeo-Moderator hat dein Konto aus folgendem Grund zur Überprüfung markiert:

Repeated Guidelines Violations: Videos that depict or encourage self-harm, falsely claim that mass tragedies are hoaxes, or perpetuate false or misleading claims about vaccine safety.

Bitte überprüfe alle unsere Inhalts- und Community-Richtlinien: Weitere Verstöße können zur Kündigung deines Vimeo-Kontos führen.

Wenn du Fragen hast oder glaubst, dass du diese Warnung fälschlicherweise erhalten hast, antworte bitte auf diese Nachricht, dann wird dich ein Vimeo Community-Manager kontaktieren.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,


Dear Vimeo friends,

this is the first time we see Vimeo indulging in a regrettable act of censorship, such as we have – alas! – grown to be accustomed to with our YouTube partners.
YouTube, by the way, just two days ago (Monday, March 1st, 2021) withdrew its banning of my weekly survey report 20-40 – stating, that they erred in assuming I had published wrong medical information.
Please let me state, that it appears very awkward for our dear American friends to listen to our reports of the procedures you are just announcing to us.
For better understanding:
NEUE MITTE is the video channel of an officially registered political party in Germany, with emphasis on ethics in politics. Scientifically proven (Central Federal Office for Political Education – BPB), we politically range in the center, perhaps with a slight tendency to the liberal side…
As possible reasons for the removal of the video WA17 you quote three different types:
1 – video showing or promoting self-violation
2 – falsely portraying mass tragedies as fraud
3 – spreading wrong or misleading statements on safety and security of vaccines
As our statement on your unilateral step:
1 – We are not showing or promoting self-violation – have never done anything like that and will never do so. This would certainly break our commitment towards ethics in politics.
2 – We are not falsely portraying mass tragedies as fraud – have never done anything like that and will never do so. This would certainly break our commitment towards ethics in politics.
3 – We are not spreading wrong or misleading statements on safety and security of vaccines – have never done anything like that and will never do so. This would certainly break our commitment towards ethics in politics.
4 – You cannot name ANY, not a SINGLE statement in the removed video, which is not being upheld by scientific research. Please feel kindly invited to give it a try – you will get the chance to improve your knowledge, because we are very well consulted by named scientists in any field of the vast „Corona“ discussion.
4.1 – Nobody is contradicting the fact, that we have a huge global discussion on Sars-COV-2 vaccines, the ultra-quick research and remarkably speedy approval procedures as well as questionable functionality.
4.2 – Nobody is contradicting the fact, that their exist different opinions on the vaccines in use – and their respective research and approval procedures.
4.3 – Nobody is contradicting the fact, that we have a not so small number of death cases and other hotly debated cases of health damages, some lasting some not, some somewhere in between, no few of them linked beyond reasonable doubt to a „Corona“ vaccination.
4.4 – Nobody is contradicting the fact, that we have zero medium or long term experience supporting ultra large-scale global vaccination campaigns.
4.5 – Nobody is contradicting the fact, that tens of thousands of doctors globally contradict more or less clearly and sharply the decisions and policies implemented by their governments with regards to our items 4.1 – 4.4.
4.6 – Nobody contradicts hat tere are countries refusing at least part of the participation in the global race of „Corona“ policies, such as: Japan, Madagaskar, Tanzania, Iceland, Sweden, Belarus, Portugal – with many more countries showing astonishingly wide ranges of behavior in similar cases treated very strictly by other countries.
In this very awkward global situation, responsible politicians do have to make sure they do not run the risk to cause more damage to population, economy and social fabric applying debated „Corona“ counter measures under a pandemic definition, which was drastically changed in 2009, after the „swine flew“ failed to obtain the results big pharma was hoping to obtain from their political partners.
Dear Vimeo friends, if you are guessing that we haven’t taken the trouble to write all this just for our little conversation, you are right. We are planning publication. Both in English and in German.
And we hope to God, that you are taking reasonable decisions and reinstate publication of the above mentioned video, since within three months from now we will enjoy existence of a 20-nation globally used video library proudly presenting all our 600 videos of the past – and more.
Moreover we assume, that there are five huge global cartels, which may not be overly enthusiastic about what they see there, such as Finance, Pharma/Chemical/GAP, Media, Energy and Arms.
Now, wouldn’t it be very much in line with the best of U.S. American traditions, if your good company with its otherwise outstanding service was wise and foreseeing enough not to block our ways in the fashion you have just portrayed?
However you decide, please receive our best wishes and regards,
yours sincerely,
Christoph R. Hörstel
Federal Chairman Neue Mitte

2021-3-3, 16:18 CET

Hallo Neue Mitte,

Dein Video „WA17 ALARM!! Katastrophe naht – Politikverständnis gering – Christoph Hörstel 2021-2-16“ wurde entfernt, weil es gegen unsere Leitlinien verstoßen hat.

Grund: Du darfst keine Videos hochladen, die Selbstverletzung zeigen oder fördern, Massentragödien fälschlicherweise als Täuschungen darstellen oder falsche oder irreführende Behauptungen zur Sicherheit von Impfungen verbreiten.

Weitere Informationen zu unseren Inhalts- und Community-Richtlinien findest du auf der folgenden Seite:

Wenn du glaubst, dass es sich hierbei um einen Fehler handelt, antworte bitte auf diese E-Mail so schnell wie möglich mit deiner Erklärung. (Beachte bitte, dass unsere Vimeo-Moderatoren eingreifen, sobald wir auf Verstöße aufmerksam werden. „Ich habe andere Leute gesehen, die das auch machen“ wird nicht als Grund anerkannt.)

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
die Vimeo-Crew