Corona Conspiracy

The Corona Conspiracy: Christoph Hörstel – AHaber TV „Yazboz“ 2020-3-14

1 – Is coronavirus destroying the world for a new one? What is your opinion?

The western corona virus hype is a crazy story.

“Corona” = Latin language = “crown” = crown of lies and betrayal?

Because of a few thousand deaths corrupt governments in the pockets of the global pharmaceutical mafia are deliberately organizing an economy crisis. For example:

  • Not “Corona” is destroying anything: handling by corrupt governments following orders by global pharmaceutical mafia: is destructive and disruptive for economy and social life
  • whole virus theory is unproven, Corona tests worldwide vary
  • diagnosis completely unsure – openly admitted by top doctors in hospitals in Berlin – Charité
    • on what scientifically proven ground?: body count of Corona deaths
    • Germany: obligatory measles vaccines: “Berlin case” 1 person dead, lots of other illnesses, measles a very useful illness
    • illnesses aggravated by environment + life style damages
    • vaccines: unsafe, unhealthy: aluminum in adjuvants
      • vaccined persons unable to resist illnesses naturally
      • vaccined persons cannot pass on their naturally produced + highly efficient antibodies to children
    • breaking natural chain of illness + natural antibodies:
      • vaccine dependent population = “vaccine addicts”
    • Germany annual death rate traffic accidents – 2019: 3’059 – 3’000
    • Influence death rate 2018: 25’000 – completely incorrect!
      • Why not stop all schools and universities? Why no huge crisis and global chaos?
    • Corona hype is deliberate choice of authorities
      • huge hype about very usual fact: old people die sooner than young: 0,2 % deaths at age 25-40 – 15% at 80+
    • Corona: quick spread, low mortality
      • old, physically unfit, damaged lungs (smoking,

unhealthy environment), bad food, lack of vitamins

  • Corona: two new political changes:
    • “health security” as new branch of government

co-operates in Germany with Ministry of Interior

  • enforced limitations: house arrests, sealed-off areas, big towns, stopped activies,
    • huge economic backlash
    • huge cost
  • Germany: 325 million €, 250 m for protection garment !
    • Instead of: vitamins, herbs etc.
  • Governments handling “Corona” alongside wishes by Pharmaceutical Mafia – THEY are creating a new world.
  • new world: oppression, mafia-ruled governments, state systems, state institutions, economy
  • We are producing positively tested persons with unsecure and unproven tests:
    • in times of bird flu, people die of bird flu
    • in times of swine flu, people die of swine flu
    • in times of Corona….
    • 30-50’000 people die in China every day! – 1.5 bln people!
  • Yes, the global pharmaceutical mafia is part of a global corporate game, aim – New World Order (NOW)


2 – Who is behind this virus and can we call the infection an attack?

  • Big Pharmaceutical institutions: Pirbright Institute London
    • John Hopkins University: Institute for Health Scurity: “Event 201”, 2019-10-18, Hotel The Pierre, New York

„CAPS“: „Coronavirus Associated Pulmonary Syndrome“

representatives of governments + health

  • Laboratories experimenting on governments’ orders: Lugar Center, Tiflis, Georgia
  • Big global pharmaceutical players – vaccines for future earnings
    • Baxter (USA) – Celvapan (Czechoslovakia) [o, o]
    • CSL Biotherapies (Australia) – Panvax [o]
    • GlaxoSmithKline (GB, Germany: Dresden, Rixensart/B) – Pandemrix, Relenza [o, o]
    • AstraZeneca PLC / MedImmune – Intranasal [o, o]
    • Novartis (CH, Germany: Marburg) – Focetria, Celtura [o, o]
    • Roche (CH) – Tamiflu [o, o]
    • Sanofi-Aventis (F, Lyon, Swiftwater/USA) – Panenza, Humenza [o, o]
    • Solvay (B) [o, o]
  • Not the infection is the attack – it’s the media hype and completely crazy political decisions:
    • Italy is completely closed off, schools closed, universities closed, many companies shut down, all bigger events called off
      • In the last government, the health ministry was led by a non-mafia lady, Giulia Grillo, – and now we have super-complete obedience – over-achieving mafia orders


3 – Swine flu, bird flu and now the coronavirus, do you think all of these are fabricated?

  • “Bird Flu”, “Swine Flu”: test cases for Pharmaceutical mafia and their business adventures: hundreds of million vaccine doses sold to corrupt governments – and rotting away, because nobody wanted them
  • “Corona”: strong indication of criminal fabrication: disrupting:
    • economy,
    • people’s lives
    • democratic constitutions and institutions like Ministries of Health
  • the whole actual virus theory is a fabrication – and all decisions taken by corrupt institutions, subverted by mafia influnce


4 – How is the pharmaceutical industry involved in all of these?

  • Lobbyists: influencing governments to set up friendly laws
    • German minister of health, Spahn: ex lobbyist
    • Working through national governments or EU/Brussles
    • very efficient
    • top corruption case: Monsanto: “Aspartam”, “Glyphosat”, acquired by German Bayer
  • agents influencing doctors: high incentives: well-paid speeches, conferences at top vacation addresses, prescription boni
  • manifold social activities
    • Catholic intellectual Hans Küng: sponsored by Novartis
  • useless or even dangerous medicines are invented – and pushed into the markets after questionable testing
    • sometimes by force: obligatory vaccination – against the constitution in Germany
    • sometimes wrongly: “Cytotec” is given during birth – was not invented for this, not tested for this use: sometimes killing young mothers: no statistics!
  • Earnings are so huge – companies have become ultra-hungry, greedy – and open for all sorts of crimes
  • Test set Corona: price Germany 150,- EUR, production cost: 10 EUR
    • license to print money = financial mafia
      • causing historic financial bubble


5 – Can you claim this is a depopulation operation? What is your opinion on it? David Rockefeller had said overpopulation was a threat to humanity. Are we witnessing a depopulation operation?

  • too few people dead for depopulation – but more is to come!
  • power grabbing, subvertive takeover of government and public institutions – by global corporate cartels /lodges + their cronies/puppets
  • Aim: NWO (New World Order) – aim NWO: depopulation
    • Turkey is a victim of these powers today – being mobbed by global financial cartel etc., – that can be overcome, I have requested a meeting in the Turkish Presidential Palace