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KW19-23: D-Day + Souveränität Deutschlands – 2019-6-10


Montag, 10. Juni 2019 – 13 Uhr – 10 Mio Clicks – DANKE!

Bald: 50.000 Abos!

0: 36 – D-Day-Erklärung


  • miese Stimmung, sehr durch Trump-Auftritt, köstliches Foto!
  • Trump: alles durch USA: stärker, besser, schöner
  • Proklamation völlig verlogen
    • Frieden, Zusammenarbeit, Gerechtigkeit

2:06 – Visagen-Video: Ehepaare Trump und May!

© Foto: Tagesschau

2:52 – Trump-Unterschrift: reine Show: Wahlkampf!! „Make America…“


  • Sowjetunion: weit höhere Opferzahlen als alle anderen Alliierten
  • Russland: Deutschland freigegeben – Rest-Osteuropa!
  • Kartelle/Logen:
    • Riesenchance durch Einladung Russland vertan!
    • Trump darf Russland-Beziehung nicht verbessern!
    • Deutschland vorgeführt: neben griech. Präsident: 377 mia!

7:17 – Merkel in Portsmouth degradiert!

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Scandinavia On A Dangerous Path


NATO’s continuous anti-Russian aggression increasingly reaches out to northern Europe for further escalation.

The US mercenary company „Mission Essential“, Ohio, is seeking personnel „speaking Russian and Norwegian to assist emergency secret operations of the U.S. military in Norway”, – reports US „Newsweek“ magazine, referring to Russian media and Maria Zakharova, Russian foreign affairs spokeswoman as of last week. Her accusation sounds highly credible: „American companies are recruiting staff in NATO member Norway to carry out provocations against Russia.“ Of course, Washington isn’t really delighted to see such efforts exposed – says „Newsweek“: „It is unclear why the Russian government was aware of the jobs being advertised by a U.S. security company...


Freiheit für Palästina!

Freedom Palestine

Der Freiheitskampf des palästinensischen Volkes und unsere Arbeit für Frieden, Gerechtigkeit und gutes Miteinander in Palästina hat ein neues Niveau erreicht.

Die Führungsebene der Hamas erwägt eine Sicherheitsgarantie für alle Juden unter einer künftigen Palästinenser-Regierung, als Folge eines Referendums mit gleichberechtigtem Stimmrecht für alle.

Die Idee dafür stammt aus meinem Treffen mit dem Hamas-Sprecher für Außenpolitik, Usama bin Hamdan, am Rande der regionalen Valdai-Konferenz am 15. Mai 2015 in Marrakesch, Marokko. Im Verlauf unseres ausgedehnten Gesprächs hatte ich um ein Verständigungssignal der Hamas-Führung gebeten, und bin Hamdan gab es mir, nach Rücksprache mit seiner Führungsebene – mündlich...


Freedom for Palestine!

Freedom Palestine

Our communication to all concerned organizations and individuals on freedom and well-being of all people in Palestine:

The freedom struggle of the Palestinian people and our work for peace, justice and good community in Palestine has reached a new level.

The Hamas leadership is pondering a safety guarantee for all Jews under a future Palestinian government, based on a “one man – one vote” referendum in Palestine.

The first steps to this end were developed in my May 15, 2015, meeting with the Hamas spokesman for foreign affairs, Mr. Usama bin Hamdan, on the occasion of the regional Valdai Club conference in Marrakesh, Morocco...


Biological & Chemical Weapons: Who is the Bad Guy?

While blaming Moscow for its alleged role in the “Skripal” case, the US spends millions of dollars into secret labs along Russian borders.

The Skripal false flag operation in Salisbury, UK, and a huge hoax in Duma, Syria, including trained child actors, have stirred fresh debate on those dangerous weapons. That is basically good. However, in case the discussion lacks crucial facts, we are again advancing quickly on the wrong track.

Novichok inventor Vil Mirzayanov, 83, made himself heard in mid-March, while the anti-Russian Skripal operation was in full swing: only Russia could be behind this poisoning. Fact is: The US are back in that trade to an extent the Soviet Union (let alone: Russia) has never ever reached, issuing „81 recent patents using Novichok“...


Open question: Mr. Zuckerberg, are you a Jew or a Nazi?

At first glance, the question seems little sensitive for a German national; but times are rough, WW3 is looming – and we Germans are living under this growing threat. Israel and the U.S. are both part of the problem, not part of any lasting solution – and this endangers jews and non-jews alike all over the globe. I entered politics in order to help make sure, that never again jews may be harmed. From 1985 I supported the Afghan Mujahideen in their just fight agains Soviet invasion, by accompanying them in battles, teaching them how to to take films and distributing our material to more than 144 countries around the globe...


My Lukyanov rebuttal: Russia’s is an upward and forward path

My first glance at this article in the US-controlled „Moscow Times“ was shocking to me. Silly anti-Putin caricature – and I asked myself: Does Fyodor Lukyanov approve of his article published under such a sub-intelligent piece of superficial caricature?

And then I started reading – and for the first time since I read him I disagreed practically with each and every paragraph.

That makes an answer a kind of tedious homework: going through the paragraphs one by one.

 „And once the storehouse of retaliatory measures is exhausted, all that remains is to engage in direct conflict.“

At this point of history it becomes clear: With regard to public diplomacy, to the fact, that this Russian president AND Russia itself BOTH enjoy quite a strong following in western countries: Russia is n...