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KW19-36 Alarm! Irankrieg in Vorbereitung! Christoph Hörstel 2019-9-7


Jüngste Veröffentlichungen im Westen bereiten den Irankrieg vor!

Samstag, 7. September 2019 – 12:30 Uhr


Iran – hilft Trump Israel, den Krieg zu beginnen?? Interview ParsToday: Original: YT:

  • Adrian Darya 1: Mittwoch in Syrien angelegt!
  • US-Außenministerium bestätigt:
    • Kapitän Akhilesh Kumar Mio-US$ Belohnung: Auslieferung
    • Drohung: US-Visa widerrufen
    • Größere Aktion: mehrere Kapitäne: „Die Zeit“ verschweigt!
  • Seit 5. September: Atomforschung ohne Grenze
  • Teheran: Abnahmegarantie Öl/Gas – Vorbedingung
  • Streit um 15 mia. Kreditlinie: Huhn oder Ei?
    • USA unterstützen nicht, drohen Banken mit Sanktionen
  • Gerüchte um 23. September: UN-Generalversammlung:
    • Treffen mit vielen Staats-/...

Macron’s New Security Strategy For Europe

Security Partnership To Include Russia and Turkey – How Credible?

French President Macron issued his idea in two steps – in a visible effort not to overload the public. The first step came on Monday, August 27, in front of the annual conference of French ambassadors; the young leader pushed for a more independent European Union to organize her security objectives including Russia: in a multipolar world. The second and equally big step followed Thursday, August 30, in Helsinki, at the news conference after a work meeting with Finland’s president Niinisto...


After Macron’s Statements: The New Situation Is The Old

The recent Macron statements of European security including Russia do not change anything: In fact we live in a 1938 type of situation.
The financial system is broken, only the crash is missing and sure to come. Europe, the western world, are governed by cartel-owned corrupt leaders. The lines to organize chaos and destruction are drawn. In this situation only clear and irrevocable signs may raise trust – and stabilize the crisis-ridden situation. This is what EUROPEANS can and must do:
In General:
Declaration of distance, non-support and adverse steps from all of Washington’s war mongering steps and plans, with emphasis on the new no-fly-zone for the region being installed right now in Northeastern Syria, recent arrival of fresh US naval forces in the ME theater, Mediterrainean Sea and Pe...