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The Corona Conspiracy: Christoph Hörstel – AHaber TV „Yazboz“ 2020-3-14

Corona Conspiracy

1 – Is coronavirus destroying the world for a new one? What is your opinion?

The western corona virus hype is a crazy story.

“Corona” = Latin language = “crown” = crown of lies and betrayal?

Because of a few thousand deaths corrupt governments in the pockets of the global pharmaceutical mafia are deliberately organizing an economy crisis. For example:

  • Not “Corona” is destroying anything: handling by corrupt governments following orders by global pharmaceutical mafia: is destructive and disruptive for economy and social life
  • whole virus theory is unproven, Corona tests worldwide vary
  • diagnosis completely unsure – openly admitted by top doctors in hospitals in Berlin – Charité
    • on what scientifically proven ground?: body count of Corona deaths
    • Germany: obligatory measles v...