KW20-4 Deutschland in Türkei-Putsch 2016 verwickelt: Christoph Hörstel 2020-1-25

Samstag, 25. Januar 2020 – 12:30 Uhr


Frohes neues Jahr nach China! – Das neue Jahr (Ratte) beginnt traditionell mit Frühlingsfest – HEUTE


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G20 Summit: Is the US Losing its Global Leadership?

Fact is, it’s the other way round: Global leadership has lost he US – and for good.

The Buenos Aires G20 summit cemented, what really is US president Trump’s political strategy: Washington does not even care for a US leadership … Weiterlesen

Iran Under US War Threat

Imminent US cabinet reshuffle gives a hint on planning.

This is the special Trump way to fire a minister: Talk bad about him in public, hint he’s “on the way out” – and help raise the level of speculations about … Weiterlesen