After Macron’s Statements: The New Situation Is The Old

The recent Macron statements of European security including Russia do not change anything: In fact we live in a 1938 type of situation.
The financial system is broken, only the crash is missing and sure to come. Europe, the western world, are governed by cartel-owned corrupt leaders. The lines to organize chaos and destruction are drawn. In this situation only clear and irrevocable signs may raise trust – and stabilize the crisis-ridden situation. This is what EUROPEANS can and must do:
In General:
Declaration of distance, non-support and adverse steps from all of Washington’s war mongering steps and plans, with emphasis on the new no-fly-zone for the region being installed right now in Northeastern Syria, recent arrival of fresh US naval forces in the ME theater, Mediterrainean Sea and Persian Gulf.
In Europe:
– Withdrawal of all European NATO forces from Russian border
– Stop of all sanctions against Russia – accepting the Crimean situation as a fact
– Withdrawal of all support for the US missile shield against Russia
In the Middle East:
– Cessation of all European measures directed against Turkey, Syria and Iran, including sanctions and hostile preparations (White Helmets, MEK etc.)
– Repatriation of 1.5 to two million Syrian immigrants without precondition – but including financial and logistics support
– Immediate cessation of hostile acts and withdrawal of all personnel from Syria
– Diplomatically reigning in Israeli aggression against its neighbors – under announcement of sanctions
– Diplomatically reigning in the anti-Yemen group of countries under Saudi leadership, cessation of armed conflict, immediate shipment of humanitarian goods to Yemen