Trump-Putin Summit in Western Mainstream Media: A Bad Guy Meeting?

US and Russian presidents are equally not much liked – for no good reasons.

Gone are the times, when global war lingered – and the world held its breath while leaders haggled and struggled. This is 2018: Two aged presidents with a truly outstanding life experience record openly speak out for peace and understanding – and get chastised by a propaganda blast as if they had threatened mankind. There ‘s definitely something deeply wrong in the state of the western world, not only in their corporate media. And that state reaches even as far as Australia and New Zealand.

Intrigue and secret service fingering appeared almost shockingly unveiled in the run-up to the much-awaited summit in Helsinki – and obviously directed to disturb it. London used some “Novichok” poison leftovers from the Skripal adventure – and sadly this time one person lost her life. British ex-ambassador Craig Murray, the most interesting and successful blogger in the United Kingdom, kindly busied himself yet again to point out the string of weak points in this sad and timely plot. And, funny, this story at least didn’t make it into the Helsinki after-summit press conference of both presidents. Total silence after the Skripal turmoil – will there be any personal consequences now in the British secret service or PR apparatus? Was this sad product from the once-famed British secret system the reason, why Trump attacked Theresa May that hard during his visit? Or do we go so far as to thank British authorities to ridicule anti-Russian and/or anti-Putin propaganda by utterly overblown fishy plots?

But the interference issue of the 2016 US presidential election was big game: Journalist questions picked up this single issue for more than half of total conference time – and a US TV correspondent interviewing the Russian head of state was obviously not allowed to do so without trying to personally hand over the dossier on 12 Russian secret agents under US accusation, while the interview was going on. There was a time in western media, when the Associated Press code of rules for journalists still had at least some meaning – and no journalist deserving the name would even think of assuming legal job functions for any country or any administration.

The New York Times fired away full power, opinion headlines ran: “Trump shows the world he’s Putin’s lackey” – “Trump and Putin vs. America”- “Why won’t Trump speak for America? The President lays himself at Vladimir Putin’s feet.” – the latter headline and introductory sentence being that of the editorial. Pictures show a moment, when Trump was not smiling – but Putin did – to underline the intended victory/submission spin.

Utterings of that kind would usually go as hate mail – but in the case of the two most powerful global leaders they make it to dominate page 1 of the strongest and world famous US daily.

German foreign affairs minister Heiko Maas reaches head lines here, remarking before the Helsinki meeting, that the US do not appear wholly reliable any more. Judging the US-Russian summit, the question arises, whether Trump needed to push the Europeans to ramp up their defense spending in order to bolster the US negotiation position before facing his Russian counterpart. Or was he in fact trying to hush up his critics, who opined, Trump should just skip the whole summit idea altogether? – by demonstrating to the whole world witnessing the unfolding of much expected and then unaccustomed and uncomfortable quarrels, that these allies do not want harsher words and political positions in confronting Russia, since they are unwilling “to put their money where their mouth is” – as goes the typical American one-liner?

Why would the “friends and allies” cry out that loud, when pushed to raise defense spending, thus denying this strong position to their unbeloved leader – and then complain here and there about his weakness facing his negotiating partner? ‘Speak softly and carry a big stick’ – that, too, seems to be forgotten.

NATO appears divided, unsure of itself, its role and strategy, the economy isn’t doing too well, Trump’s trade belligerence adding to uncertainties. And as for “the big stick”, the old US doctrine threatening with war against any foe even thinking of reaching equal strength with the US – well, we missed the burial ceremony date.

Thus it’s not Trump establishing himself in Helsinki as a security risk for America, it’s the establishment’s own misbalanced propaganda, a huge global public relations misfiring. Why would they do that? What drives them?

No author likes to appear as some kind of preacher – for a political analyst that’s certainly no-go area. But this author gives a damn.

The Western financial system is a cliffhanger. Since thirty or more years; the last call sounded in 1971, when the gold basis was gone from one day to the next. That is fact. The Dollar should never have been established as the global lead currency – a fairly governed neutral currency was the correct solution. The Euro’s collapse is overdue – as is the Dollar’s. Markets are ruling the system? Ridiculous propaganda, markets are rigged, as are the self-styled “rating agencies” in corporate ownership. China and Russia are preparing their gold-based currency, a feat which cost Libyan leader and African hero Gadhafi his life – and his people their country, their hopes and 80.000 or more lives.

In order to avoid being held responsible, the tightly woven global network of financial and business cartels are planning the expected crash, thus assuring their earnings from it, that’s business, stupid. War is part of that strategy, always was. And in the dangerous times of internet, when people’s judgment and certainties drown in an overflow of unreliable and half-baked publications plus highly sponsored propaganda, chaos is the appropriate tool, splitting up opposition into a thousand unfitting pieces.

This system may force Trump to drop bombs on Iran one day – this is what the financial system gurus leaked a few hours after the summit had ended, including a date: It may happen this year. Is this just the usual blackmail, as Washington prepares to put in place the strongest sanctions ever against this peaceful country? Iran cannot fail to notice, that the 2+1 EU partners to JCPoA are unreliable – and is therefore forced to get its peaceful nuclear program going, in order to pay its bills.

Don’t look too much at detail and contradictions, look at the basic lines. Peace is good; stable and friendly neighborhood relations are a must. Russia is our dear neighbor, we won’t go into a third big war within one hundred years. And Iran must be protected like or better than Syria, no ifs and buts. End of story.