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KW21-2 Half Nato bei US-Wahlfälschung? Christoph Hörstel 2021-1-9


Samstag, 9. Januar 2021, 10 Uhr


ACHTUNG: YouTube blockiert immer wieder Hochladen Videos!

  • Oder löscht vielleicht ganz!!
  • Für neue Videos deshalb bitte notieren!: Vimeo Neue Mitte + Bitchute Christoph Hörstel
  • demnächst vielleicht: Rumble
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Sensationelle Wendung im Fall Trump!


Who’s Behind Washington’s New Anti-Russian Sanctions

US foreign policy is alienating billions of people to please a small fraction.

It took a while and came under time pressure – but passed swiftly and smoothly: Last week, congress pushed a new set of sanctions against Russia down Donald Trump’s throat. The pitiable president not only had to denounce his good understanding with his Russian colleague Vladimir Putin in the aftermath of the successful Helsinki summit under huge cartel (media) pressure  – but later obviously had little or no say in this new effrontery, according to aides. The latter called the decision-taking and deadline-driven process: „administration business as usual“...