Scandinavia On A Dangerous Path

NATO’s continuous anti-Russian aggression increasingly reaches out to northern Europe for further escalation.

The US mercenary company „Mission Essential“, Ohio, is seeking personnel „speaking Russian and Norwegian to assist emergency secret operations of the U.S. military in Norway”, – reports US „Newsweek“ magazine, referring to Russian media and Maria Zakharova, Russian foreign affairs spokeswoman as of last week. Her accusation sounds highly credible: „American companies are recruiting staff in NATO member Norway to carry out provocations against Russia.“ Of course, Washington isn’t really delighted to see such efforts exposed – says „Newsweek“: „It is unclear why the Russian government was aware of the jobs being advertised by a U.S. security company.“ Well – some governments may act today, as if they don’t care what happens to their countries – but the one in Moscow, obviously, does. Zakharova put the right question in her statement: „US recruitment companies in the most arrogant way try to recruit staff for carrying out unfriendly actions against Russia from Norway’s territory. Meanwhile, the official Oslo will have a role of an obedient observer, whose task will be to absolutely approve of all creative plots of its senior ally. Why does Norway want this – that’s a big question.“ Fact is: „Norway“ has no interest in dirty tricks of secret service „black ops“ type and style. Norwegian people, if asked personally, would distance themselves from these activities and react shocked, should they learn, that their own country cedes part of its sovereignty to allow complete strangers such kind of operations, which may well lead to armed conflict, affecting each and everybody and destroy the country. But the fact, that a NATO member might allow this to happen, casts a bright light on how shaky peace in Europe is now – as long as such activities are not actively being stopped by the citizens and upright politicians. NATO’s present secretary general is the former Norwegian prime minister Jens Stoltenberg.

Denmark is yet another NATO member country eager not to belong to the refuseniks within the alliance. US president Trump has repeatedly asked for higher contributions from the US partners to the commune effort – and now openly bows to arms twisting „pressure„. Denmarks former prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen was Stoltenberg’s predecessor as NATO secretary general. This is no coincidence. It shows, how much effort Washington puts into aligning the nordic NATO member countries with its belligerent anti-Russian policies. And Rasmussen was a real „driver“, trying his level best to push reluctant NATO members into higher arms investments and more pro-active participation.

Sweden is a special case, which has come  a long way: Its famed prime minister Olof Palme was killed, presumably because he didn’t stop his constructive, peace-oriented policy towards the Soviet Union, in spite of numerous CIA-guided false flag operations, involving alleged Russian submarines, factually built in Italy. This is proven in a brilliant TV documentary („Deceit – The Reagan Method“) aired in 2015 by German-French TV channel „Arte“. That this especially ruthless murder of an acting prime minister can only be attributed to the same CIA, which tried to block Palme’s policies, is a conclusion clearly derivable from this film – and publicly raised at its 30th anniversary on February 28, 2016, by this author in front of 600 people. What could better highlight the subsequent change of politics than yet another „Arte“ documentary, dating 2018, offering a whole different view on the submarine incidents – just the opposite of the 2015 film. That it is Russia, endangering the Eastern Sea, intimidating the neighbors and annexing Crimea and entering (!) south-eastern Ukraine – is just the usual song of today’s western foreign policy doctrines. Sweden is a member of the NATO partnership program – and Washington does its best to raise NATO’s influence: „NATO and Sweden actively cooperate in peace and security operations, and have developed practical cooperation in many other areas. An important priority is to develop interoperable capabilities and maintain the ability of the Swedish Armed Forces to work with those of NATO and other partner countries in multinational peace-support operations.“ – states NATO’s  website gleefully; progress can be measured well by a NATO report of end-November 2018, where Sweden’s partner organization in education and training, „SWEDINT„, rules the most prominent cover picture. Just how Sweden is drawn into NATO’s unrelenting arms, is well documented: by gender politics. Towards Ukraine and Crimea issues, Sweden had taken the usual western anti-Russian stance early 2014. The emergency UN Security Council meeting after the Kerch incident shows a similar picture. The warmongering cartels rule the media, the media help steer the governments – and such is the result. Nothing new – nor astonishing.

Finland and its relations with Russia suffer under the same type, strategy and tactics: Analysis of the last huge NATO military exercise „Trident Juncture 2018″ saw Finland continuing its drift into the NATO camp. But there was a stronger amount of largesse on the western side dealing with Finnish special needs. As an EU member since 1994, Finland has clearly sided with the west, sent troops to the Balkans and Afghanistan – and supported all western sanctions against Russia in the wake of the Ukraine regime change and Crimea reunification issues. Scientific analysis of the development sometimes shows interesting marketing aspects: How to sell warmongering activities to usually peace-oriented populations? Answer: „Nordic identity … facilitates informal cooperation between defence officials at various levels; and it is easy to sell international defense cooperation politically to domestic audiences if it is done in the Nordic context.“ How lucky we are indeed, that the western arms industry and their fellows in the global financial cartel have found ways to circumvent the natural development of good neighborly relations and mutually beneficial trade exchanges. „Finlandization“ is dead, BBC says it all: Finland is „maintaining a relationship that is now said to be as close as it can be without Finland officially joining as a member.“

After this, there is only one possible summary: NATO’s activities in the „Nordic“ countries form the backbone of the next war in Europe. Read from the other side, the lesson is: Either Russia finds and successfully implements strategies to counter the vast array of western anti-Russian measures in the last 30 years,  not only in the „Nordic“ countries but elsewhere, too, war will be inevitable; and this war may well dwarf any of its „world“ scale predecessors. Arming Russia, arming China, finding more and other allies, will not suffice, it is the „soft skills“ that decide on western people’s resolve to follow their governments‘ „hysteria and hypocrisy“ (Corbyn) into the hell of a European or global slaughterhouse. Should anyone forget, that the present strategic goal is not a new „order“ of whatever kind, even not the much-quoted „new world order“ (NWO) – but chaos, first and foremost, like in the showpieces Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, may prove a horribly costly mistake. After the chaos, when people are completely downtrodden and wary of any effort beyond their daily survival, well-prepared powers may take over nearly effortlessly.


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