Western Media Murder Games

Frenzy about an alleged (fake) Russian murder case – near complete silence about French realities.

French state prosecutors have it, that former French secret service (DGSE) agents planned to kill a Congolese ex-general and opposition leader, Ferdinand Mbaou. In rare dry openness names of the ex-agents are given as: Daniel Forestier and Bruno Susini. French justice has worked swiftly and successfully. Problem: Where is the public uproar? How is it possible, that such outrageous assassination plans come to light – and nobody, no big media asks any further question? And if French or other western media do not ask the necessary questions, shouldn’t we encourage them and support their failing journalist muscles? Such as: Who ordered those activities? Why? What was the big plan? Supposedly nobody will assume we are talking about a relationship tragedy, with Mr. Mbaou courting the wrong lady.

Now: If we have an international case of alleged interference by France in Congolese matters – don’t we need some more political action here and there? EU and NATO friends should worry, where our partners are heading, if they indulge in heinous crimes like this one? The awkward question of sanctions and legal consequences in The Hague comes on the table…

There is obviously not only journalist clout missing in this case – it also political resolve to stand up for widely communicated „western values“, which lags behind hitherto accustomed levels. And, to that matter, this is by far not the only case of western murders lacking public outcry and thorough investigation into cases. The Clinton  family, just as a highlight, is regarded by many credible western sources as outstanding in possible and insufficiently researched involvements ranging in more than thirty or even up to over one hundred unresolved death cases in the USA, with a majority involving personnel standing before testimony in legal prosecution cases against the Clintons. Historians point out, that this record is unprecedented in US history. „Economic Hitman“ John Perkins explains a good number of international killings by (mainly) US and other secret operations. Western authorities love to help shroud all cases in uncertainties. But public outrage, prosecution, sanctions etc. – no way.

If we look at the infamous Skripal case – just as a shiny example: Presumedly the outcry against the propagated Russian crime was global. Fact is: it was western – and not an inch more. Reporting was global. But outcry, sanctions and discussions on further sanctions were auspiciously confined to the western hemisphere – but truly, shockingly, huge. And Russia was and is the sure-fired sole target.

But the story isn’t going all too well for western political and propaganda strategists. This author and quite a few others worldwide have pointed out in detail, that the western propaganda noise is unable to veil the uncomfortable fact, that there is not only no proof of Russia’s involvement in the case, but obviously much higher probability and a whole stack of evidence of foul but official British activities. After this alarming propaganda defeat was digested, another case came up, this time with a dead body: Dawn Sturgess. When this case did not reach western policy goals, two Russians, „Boshirov“ and „Petrov“, were presented in the old Skripal case by western media. Russian denials were promptly supported by prominent western sources, who stated lack of plausibility.

These last days, NATO propaganda outlet Bellingcat, which commands strong budgets, entered with allegations, the two guys were Russian secrete service agents under the names of “Chepiga” and “Mishkin”. Bellingcat even did not stop from photoshopping one of them into an alleged heroes‘ wall picture allegedly situated inside the Russian secret service headquarters. Fact is: Until last Friday, Oct. 12, Metropolitan Police Press Bureau reconfirms that both the European Arrest Warrant and Interpol Red Notice remain in the names of Boshirov and Petrov, with the caveat that both are probably aliases. Nothing has been issued in the name of Chepiga or Mishkin.

The story grows out of hand. Wrong allegations and obvious distortions combined with utterly untruthful presentations of disinformation material. This conglomerate of falsehoods is now being reinforced by very phony western propaganda material, which could be dismissed as ridiculous, were it not for the serious and actually true sanctions and other aggressive policies that accompany such blatant lies and fabrications.

As observers have already noticed: The murder case of Dawn Sturgess is awaiting revival by even more blatant lies. But should the reader try to find out the latest on good Ferdinand Mbaou from Congo – well, there isn’t any news, because nothing happens. Question is: Should Moscow and Beijing now join hands and start a western-style big show and issue sanctions? At least: This story is for real – and already being admitted by French authorities. For now.

Russian original: http://inforos.ru/en/?module=news&action=view&id=77699