A little communication to our dear YouTube friends – ref. BK25

Dear YouTube friends,


This time, Dr. Barbara Kahler is merely quoting the German chancellor Merkel, official Bundestag documents – and the WHO. Though we are highly confident you may find fault with this if you wish to do so – we just humbly point this out anyway. Just for the record.


To point this out clearly: This YouTube channel dos not take any responsibility for adverse contents of other channels. Last not least, lest we all forget it: You are still withholding your answer to the complaint by our chairman Christoph Hoerstel against the blocking of HIS YouTube site for two weeks. You quoted „Molesting and Cybermobbing“ as the offenses of his last post of Dr. Kahler’s speech – but right now this translates as: ‚The German government and international colleagues feel molested by any word from Dr. Kahler – and this amounts to cybermobbing.‘


Since we wish to keep YouTube and its ruling friends free from any molestation and mobbing and strictly adhere to any rule YouTube might be establishing today or in the future, may we dress up our analyses as praise?

Please allow me to give you an example: „Children are dying from wearing face masks, 75% of German restaurants and traders are bankrupt. Old people die of Corona vaccination, 25’000 others have died from postponement of urgent treatments and psychiatric clinics face overcrowded facilities. For this we praise our government and hold all officials in highest esteem – because they have bravely thwarted any policy to the worse.“


Just as an example, nothing we would publish without your consent.