May 8-9 approaching – NO lessons learnt in Berlin? Too little in the west?

The Russian embassy in Berlin is on full alert all the time: delegations, ceremonies, meetings, receptions without end. Veterans traveling.
That’s good.
What is missing is an open, warm, friendly signal from Berlin to our important European neighbor and partner: NEVER AGAIN, friends in Europe. Taking the eternally misguided Polish neighbor by the arm and telling him: ‚Let’s do this together – this time, once and for all. For countries in an uncomfortable middle position between strong neighbors, it’s not Brzezinsky who should be heeded and followed, but Bismarck. Believe me, I’m German, I’ve learned that the hard way.
But what I really and truly want is a clear signal: ‚Dear American friends, look: Where has your devastating foreign policy taken you? You separated successfully Russians and Germans from making friends for the last century. Has that helped you? Who is truly a heart-felt friend of Washington today? Nobody. You Americans are militarily strong, but your policies are poor on truth & ideals, and like a beggar in international relations. An arm-twisting beggar. That stuff won’t pass the future test. What a pity – you’re such a nice and good-natured people.‘ American dreams? Buried in global corporate mafia cellars, as it looks, actually.
Why not take this terrible memory as a guide for our commune future? Let’s think policy anew, make a fresh start: together. Let bygones be bygones. Russians and Germans carry the European solution for the next centuries to come in their hands. Nobody is to be excluded, sidelined or forgotten. We jointly shape the future ALL OF US together. No designs of domination, none, finished, end of story.
That’s the only way that’s truly new.