ALARM: Facebook zensiert + bedroht wissenschaftliche Arbeit von Dr. Barbara Kahler! – Christoph Hörstel 2021-8-3 + -9-20

Facebook hat wg. BK40 beide Seiten: „DIE NEUE MITTE“ und „Christoph Hörstel“ für 24 Stunden gesperrt – und droht weitere Sperren an.


Christoph Hörstel schrieb deshalb sinngemäß heute an Facebook (Kopie ging leider im Computerbetrieb verloren):


Dear Facebook friends,

you have blocked both Facebook sites: DIE NEUE MITTE and: „Christoph Hörstel“ referring to perceived misconduct by Dr. Barbara Kahler in her latest video „BK40“ of July 28, 2001 (see below).

Please allow me to point out:

  • you cannot prove any misconduct by Dr. Kahler, a university teacher in veterinary medicine, specialised in microbiology
  • you have committed an act of censorship
  • you have quoted wrong information as a basis for your conduct.

You often quote the WHO in questions of medical science. However, the WHO is recipient of large donations of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, so large, in fact, that theses donations come into direct competition with US federal membership contributions to WHO and thus may establish a dependence on these donations.

Half of the Gates foundation’s capital is financed by global finance tycoon Warren Buffett, who is thus interlinked to financing and fostering the business interests of huge corrupt global pharmaceutical corporations, which in turn are involved in huge global vaccine programs. Where does Facebook get here? Right into corrupt business conduct.

The vaccine programs have cost well over 3’000 American lives so far and damaged the health auf hundreds of thousands more, according to CDC-VAERS.

Dear Facebook friends, please reconsider.

Not only are American lives and the health of millions more at stake, but the wonderful American values of righteousness, straightforwardness, honesty and compassion.

Dear Facebook friends, please reconsider.

America’s and the world’s future is at stake.




Update: 2021-9-20

Blocking prolonged from 3 days to seven, after deleting BK45 and my posting of the BK 45 „teaser“.

My comment to Fb:

That’s a pure no-brainer: Facebook’s censorship of scientific proof ridicules the Middle Ages and the treatment of Galileo Galilei. The sun is not circling around the Buffetts and Gates‘ of our times. And first you tell me the blocking of posting lasts for another three days, then, shortly before expiration, you prolong to seven. That’s your poor choice – and it will haunt you. Guaranteed. History’s that fair and pure.

As is the soul of America’s brave citizens. THEY will punish you, more than we would suggest, I’m afraid.