Facebook has blocked both accounts – Christoph Hörstel + DIE NEUE MITTE

Dear Facebook friends,

since nearly ten years you are censoring my work. https://www.facebook.com/Christoph.Hoerstel.Info/ Your global reputation has shrunk considerably during this period. Yesterday you decided to punish me for criticizing your censorship in my account. But never in history has misuse of power stabilized perpetrators.

You have ignored millions of complaints like mine. You trample on human rights, freedom of speech and hard research work. As a proven friend of the American people (CIA and US military have my file) I can only warn you on the damage you do to yourselves. Open up my account completely – and that of my party: DIE NEUE MITTE https://www.facebook.com/neuemitte.org – and experience the good coming out of our valuable work, which you are blocking time and again, though it doesn’t violate anything besides your amazing gap between your marketing stammer and factual action.

And please be as well and healthy as possible.

Best wishes and regards,

Christoph Hörstel