USrael breaking all the rules all the time: partition vote of 1947 null & void?

Pre-conditions for the 1947 vote on the partition of Palestine were three:
I – borders are final:
– broken SAME DAY, directly after UN plenary session vote on Resolution 181, November 29, 1947 – by Naqba: killing and expelling/dislodging 750’000 Palestinians by Zionist armed forces
– illegal forceful occupation
– illegal forceful oppression
– illegal settlements
II – full right of return of all refugees:
– continually broken ever since
– factually abolished
– planned legalization of abolishment in Trump proposal Jan. 28, 2020
III – Jerusalem has to be divided between both sides
– continually broken ever since
– political/diplomatic signal of abolishment by unilateral Trump administration recognition as exclusively Israel’s capital – followed by other obedient countries
– planned legalization of abolishment in Trump proposal Jan. 28, 2020
One could legally argue, that the (anyway unjust, if not illegal) partition decision of 1947 must be recalled, because it has been rendered baseless by a main global power and its international followers – and put again to a new, this time hopefully fair and just, decision taking process.
– with many legal, political and other consequences.
This author will be voicing this:
– in his interview with Iranian state broadcasting (IRIB – ParsToday) interview planned for Saturday, February 1, 2020
– in his Survey of the Week, February 1, 2020
This author has therefore asked and received by oral commitment from Hamas leadership: recognition of safety, security and legal guarantees to all Jews in Palestine living under Palestinian rule already early 2019:
Last not least, especially in the light of terrible German Holocaust crimes: This author has called for a new global move to protect all Jews, wherever they live and stay – also to take away pressure from Israel, which is violating Jewish security and safety through permanent conduct of grossly unlawful, oppressive and brutal policies throughout Palestine.
The „Steal of the Century“ is just the steal of the 21st century, second such type of steal, the first, of the 20th century, occurred already in 1947.
This follow-up attempted robbery is to mark and legalize progress in ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from Palestine, a big step ahead for the Great Israel strategy. Governments prove their worth and may be judged by their reaction. Those who do not commit to clear dissent and are not distancing themselves, show the degree of corruption they have allowed to reign their policies.