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Turkey’s foiled coup attempt in 2016: Germany was involved – and still is!

When I routinely checked into the CV of the sitting German ambassador to Turkey, Mr. Martin Erdmann, I found out he is obviously a relict of Germany’s involvement in the coup, being appointed 11 months prior to the coup and much overqualified for routine service in Turkey – but a pretty good choice in case of a coup….
Germany’s involvement in the coup is easily proved by:
The present ambassador’s special job description becomes clearer, if we look into how he personally handles very delicate cases, e. g. when Germany had given a second citizenship to a ranking Turkish secret service (MIT) official, Enver Altayli, etc. I have asked three sides, before going public: German embassy press attaché Phillip Sebastian Schmidt, and in Berlin foreign affairs (AA) ministry spokespeople in as well as the Federal Press Institution (BPA), headed by the chancellor’s spokesman, Steffen Seibert – all to no avail. To this day I haven’t received any answer, by no-one.
How the acting head of the German chamber of commerce DIHT, Eric Schweitzer, has sabotaged an important German-Turkish Economic Summit on Sept. 14, 2018, is on record, as well as further German reduction of economic ties and commitments, including Volkswagen’s postponement of a billion Euro investment in a brand new factory close to Izmir.
But even worse: Schweitzer was present in Turkey in the night of the coup! And he was meeting a Turkish high-up, still in office, who had, 9-10 years earlier, in a „little roll-out of tanks“, figured as a potential Erdoğan replacement. I know the name of the Gentlemen, I have personally exchanged a few words with him some time ago – unknowingly of all these facts, of course. Schweitzer told the story himself, to the partly unwitting audience of the mishap 2018 „German-Turkish Economic Summit“! In hindsight this appears hardly believable.
I reported about this yesterday – asking for a new German ambassador to Turkey*, and Iranian State Broadcasting interviewed me on it** – because it’s very clear: If NATO partners and EU neighbors are being treated this way – what can Iran expect from its western JCPoA partners?