Merkel, Macron, Johnson declaration against Iran an act of aggression and despair

Absent all convincing proof and, as far as the German people are concerned, any warning about this criminal nonsense, the three main EU leaders have declared Iran’s responsibility for the attacks on two major Saudi oil facilities. Absent any useful proof, this accusation is a ruthless act of aggression – and, in fact, of despair.
Terrible war crimes in Yemen in addition to a humanitarian catastrophe however, give once more ample proof for the criminal mindset in some of the NATO countries. Lies are not strengthened by uttering them in groups and in official capacities. The multiple crazy and criminal allegations against Russia: Crimea, MH-17 and Skripal, since the second CIA-organized coup in Ukraine within ten years, 2014, are now topped by stupid statements planned to prepare an open war against one of the most peaceful countries on this globe – after 40 years of covert warfare.
This all is evidently designed to cover up the sad fact, that Western signatory countries to the JCPOA with Iran are ruthlessly breaking the nuclear agreement and trying to push Iran to continue fulfilling it nonetheless. This after Iran was the one partner to the agreement over-achieving its stipulations before and after conclusion.
People in Germany do not support sanctions nor aggression against Iran nor any other country, many of them are well aware of the dirty games being played with this dear EU neighbor – and governments not heeding this situation as well as outrageously transgressing their political mandate will have to face the consequences, for which they alone bear the full responsibility.
It is out of utter despair, while the world lives under threat of a huge financial crash originating in western capitals with Washington bearing the brunt of the burden, a European Union in disrepair and NATO in a bad shape, topped by a terrible loss of political decency, that the three European leaders are resorting to what must be called an open and unprovoked act of war preparation.