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Defeat Global Finance Mafia – or Face Next Big War

Dear all,

this is the most difficult message I’ve ever sent.
1. Many of you analyze, that there’s a risk of war against Iran.
2. Far less follow my (or other’s) analysis, that Washington, in preparing for war against Iran, is in fact considering the possibility, that this confrontation leads to a „mission creep“ of unprecedented size and consequence: war against Iran’s friends and allies Russia and China, among others.
3. And a tiny minority only are prepared to argue, that it is not a bunch of crazy warmongers in Washington and Tel Aviv, driving this terrible process, but the global finance mafia facing the abyss of a global crash. And to keep the global people from rising up against those modern pharaos and there crazy & corrupt fiat money and interest-based system, these ultra-rich need and want and plan another big war.
This is the very same global finance mafia, in accord with global shadowy lodge bosses, who have driven Germany’s hyper-inflated bigmouthed Adolf Hitler and his outrageous lust for money and perceived „greatness“ into WW2, which left my country a destitute colony of that mafia, working as deep state machinery out of Washington. Until today.
Shocking for me:
1. Many of my Russian friends and partners do not even know what brought Hitler up against the Soviet Union: The finance mafia in liaison with criminal lodge bosses through their agents, a truly colorful bunch.
2. They have no idea, how in fact to counter the present threats. FOR TEN YEARS I have been pushing and talking to urge our Russian friends to open up dozens of „NGO“s in Germany and the western world, accompanied by MUCH higher investments in the media, hopefully free of finance mafia influence – meaning UNLIKE RUSSIA TODAY, which, alas, in liaison with them, calling themselves somewhat euphemistically: „neoliberal“.
3. Far too many people are aware, that changing the most dangerous course of history needs:
– thinking and acting out of the box: you can’t cure an illness in the very same situation which has brought this illness about and fostered it over the decades.
establishing training and teaching about the workings of the global finance mafia – in the shape of a new department in the Russian, Chinese, Indian and all of NAM (Non-Aligned Movement) etc. „Academies of Sciences“.
Important single issue (just as an example): Privatization of the US-FED in 1913.
Helpful links
By great hero Dr. Jean Ziegler (among many others):
  • La Suisse, l’or et les morts („The Swiss, the Gold, and the Dead“), 1997. ISBN 978-0-14-027858-3
Interesting practical case – by REUTERS (!!)
In German: on accusation by Germany’s „Russia Today“ – „RT Deutsch“ as „conspiracy theorist“:
I’ll publish this letter on my website today.
Best wishes and regards,
Christoph Hörstel