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Turkish TV Interview Request – My Answer

Dear …
I’m right now in Kabul, meeting Hekmatyar and Taliban. I have written three books on Afghanistan and Pakistan, where I have served as government consultant.
I’d be very happy to deal the stupid, illegal and unfair US and EU policies a kick.
Turkey has a highly justified security interest.
However, I will insist, that 30-40 Kilometers deep „zones“ and permanent troop presence are illegal. Resettlement programs for refugees in Syria are both duty and sovereign right of the Damascus government. Turkey has zero rights in this regard, in spite of the millions of refugees: The EU ows Turkey billions of Euros, at least…
In the past, I was ready to accept editing of my interviews.
But now there’s troop movements involved and loss of civilian lives on both sides.
Please give the responsible people in your department my heartfelt best wishes and regards. I stand by my friends in good AND in difficult times. But when my friends do something wrong, in this case: right and wrong at the same time – I will tell them. I will not withdraw my friendship, but I continue to serve it with honesty.
So, if your broadcasting service is not ready to convey my full answer, which will be short, I regret not to be ready for another interview this time.
Best wishes and regards,
yours sincerely,
Christoph Hörstel