Open letter: Dear Donald, – why don’t you go out and ask for Bernie as your VP?

Surely you two guys aren’t love on first sight, not even on second, I guess. But come to think of it, Bernie and Hillary are simply IM-POSSIBLE as a team. That won’t work, that chemistry is unadjustable, only above 100 atm pressure in forbidden temperatures, let’s say, like in hell?
So, why the heck don’t you show the unimpressing remainder of the rat pack both in Republican AND Democratic party, where the real game is going to be played – Donald? Oh, you think Bernie is a dirty communist? Well, HE thinks, you’re just a f…ing billionaire. Tit for tat. BUT, should any one of you two guys REALLY have a certain inclination to at least sometimes act as promised, don’t you think it’s damned worth overcoming that unbridgeable gap? Best, CRH