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US: last fight for global dominance to start tomorrow morning!

Tomorrow morning isn’t just the start of the toughest sanctions in history, only to be compared with the measures against Germany and Japan in the wake of WW2.
Tomorrow the downtrodden and overstretched US-dominated financial and economic system starts its last fight for survival. And we, the people of this world, are called to help end this crazy system peacefully and jointly. How come a single nation’s currency was allowed for so long to help steal the fruits of global work, finance wars of oppression and foster the most terrible system of corruption in the history of mankind?
It is time to join hands and defend the well-being of the peaceful Iranian nation – thus in fact defending ourselves and survival of peace, justice and the global community of friendship between nations and peo...

The Hushed-Up Summit Success

Seven year-old Syria conflict gets a shiny new peace building format – while western propaganda media look the other way.

That’s certainly unprecedented but interesting and symptomatic: The biggest German daily „Süddeutsche“ squeezes a few lines on its front page governed by regional elections in  the state of Hesse and the umpteenth article on the truly terrible and deplorable synagogue killing spree in Pittsburgh, USA. Leading opinion shapers such as „Spiegel online“ and New York Times enumerate a few dry facts – and that’s it: Russian president Putin, his Turkish colleague Erdoğan, German chancellor Merkel and French president Macron met on a sunny Saturday afternoon in Istanbul overlooking the Bosporus...


Iran Under US War Threat

Imminent US cabinet reshuffle gives a hint on planning.

This is the special Trump way to fire a minister: Talk bad about him in public, hint he’s “on the way out” – and help raise the level of speculations about potential successors. All of this happens these days to US defense minister James “mad dog” Mattis. In the Mattis case, the US president even went so far as to describe his MoD as a „Democrat“, which, to his constituency three weeks from the midterm elections, may very well sound like „high treason“.

What’s the problem anyway with James Mattis, a very popular marine general? Looking at what the man actually does these days – is awesomely helpful to US interests: He’s seeking better military ties with China, to take that area of government out of the hot exchanges in the...


Western Media Murder Games

Frenzy about an alleged (fake) Russian murder case – near complete silence about French realities.

French state prosecutors have it, that former French secret service (DGSE) agents planned to kill a Congolese ex-general and opposition leader, Ferdinand Mbaou. In rare dry openness names of the ex-agents are given as: Daniel Forestier and Bruno Susini. French justice has worked swiftly and successfully...


Syria: Erdogan’s Tough Choices

Sochi agreement on the demilitarized Idlib belt offers risks – and opportunities.

The chain of events is now allowing prognoses: After the fall of IS/Daesh strongholds in Duma/Damascus and Daraa the Syrian government and its allies Russia and Iran took quite a while to pick up the thrust and start attacking the HTS stronghold Idlib and the sounding areas close to Aleppo in the east and Hama in the south, where many other militia groups from a variety of political backgrounds are operating. Already in these weeks it became clear, that partner Turkey slowed down the momentum of Syria’s liberation of terror militias...


Storm on Idlib halted

Syria with Russia and Iran give peace a chance, Turkey crammed in reinforcements and remains constructively engaged.

Russian diplomacy is – yet again – at its best: The final battle for peace and stability in Syria is overdue, but partnership with newcomer Turkey is being rated so high in Moscow, Tehran and Damascus, that it’s obviously worth further postponement of the next and probably last big battle. That is the basic outcome of Monday’s very important Russian-Turkish Sochi summit.

A quick look back: Though Turkey hat vented doubts against the wisdom of an all-out attack in Idlib province, even after the September 7 summit of the successful Middle East policy triangle of Russia, Turkey and Iran, had been viewed as go-ahead for the bombing campaign...


wg. Truppenabzug: Briefe an amerikanischen und britischen Botschafter

Gestern habe ich die Ankündigung veröffentlicht, heute gingen die unten beigefügten Briefe raus: per Fax und Mail. Das Datum ist ja nicht nur der 11. September, sondern es sind die Tage erhöhter Finanzcrash- und Weltkriegsgefahr mit brandgefährlichen RabaukenAuftritten der US-Regierung in der Weltöffentlichkeit. Was viele immer noch nicht verstehen: Den regierenden Kartellen ist völlig gleichgültig, wie sich ihre Dienstpersonal aufführt oder wie viele Menschenleben das kostet, solange die Vorgeben erfüllt werden.


Betreff: Übergabe von 105.000 Unterschriften an die Botschaft: Petition zum US/britischen Truppenabzug aus Deutschland, Text und Begründung der Petition


Sehr geehrter Herr Botschafter,

Wir denken, dies ist der richtige Zeitpunkt, unser Materia...


Abzug aller US- und UK-Truppen sowie US-Befehlsstellen aus Deutschland!

Diese Petition hat 2015/6 insgesamt 105.000 Unterstützer gefunden, davon 97.000 aus Deutschland.

Diese Unterschriften werden jetzt den Botschaftern der USA und Großbritanniens übergeben.


Insgesamt stehen noch immer 58.000 ausländische Nato-Soldaten in Deutschland, davon etwa 42.000 US-Soldaten und 13.000 Briten. US-Truppen und -Interessen werden von Stabsstellen „Eucom“ (zuständig für 51 Staaten), „Centcom“ (zuständig für 20 Staaten) und „Africom“ (zuständig für 53 Staaten) in Stuttgart befehligt. Insgesamt sind demnach 124 Staaten der Welt von US-Militärinteressen aus Stuttgart heraus betroffen. In diesen Bereichen werden auch Konzepte für die umstrittenen Drohnenschläge, begrenzte geheime Kommandoaktionen usw. erarbeitet...


Macron’s New Security Strategy For Europe

Security Partnership To Include Russia and Turkey – How Credible?

French President Macron issued his idea in two steps – in a visible effort not to overload the public. The first step came on Monday, August 27, in front of the annual conference of French ambassadors; the young leader pushed for a more independent European Union to organize her security objectives including Russia: in a multipolar world. The second and equally big step followed Thursday, August 30, in Helsinki, at the news conference after a work meeting with Finland’s president Niinisto...


Macrons neue Sicherheitsstrategie für Europa: im Westen nichts Neues

Die jüngsten Äußerungen des französischen Präsidenten Macron zu einer neuen europäischen Sicherheitsstrategie einschließlich Russland und Türkei ändern die Lage nicht: Wir leben in einer Situation, die an 1938 erinnert.
Das Finanzsystem ist ruiniert, fehlt nur noch der Zusammenbruch – und der ist sicher. Europa, die ganze westliche Welt, wird von korrupten Kräften regiert, die den Kartellen nahestehen. Die Wege in Chaos und Zerstörung sind vorgezeichnet. Unter diesen Umständen können nur noch klare und unumkehrbare Signale Vertrauen erwecken und die krisengeschüttelte Lage festigen. Die folgenden Schritte können und müssen Europäer ergreifen:
Distanzierung, Nicht-Unterstützung und Gegenmaßnahmen ankündigen in Bezug auf alle kriegstreiberischen Schr...