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Storm on Idlib halted

Syria with Russia and Iran give peace a chance, Turkey crammed in reinforcements and remains constructively engaged.

Russian diplomacy is – yet again – at its best: The final battle for peace and stability in Syria is overdue, but partnership with newcomer Turkey is being rated so high in Moscow, Tehran and Damascus, that it’s obviously worth further postponement of the next and probably last big battle. That is the basic outcome of Monday’s very important Russian-Turkish Sochi summit.

A quick look back: Though Turkey hat vented doubts against the wisdom of an all-out attack in Idlib province, even after the September 7 summit of the successful Middle East policy triangle of Russia, Turkey and Iran, had been viewed as go-ahead for the bombing campaign...


wg. Truppenabzug: Briefe an amerikanischen und britischen Botschafter

Gestern habe ich die Ankündigung veröffentlicht, heute gingen die unten beigefügten Briefe raus: per Fax und Mail. Das Datum ist ja nicht nur der 11. September, sondern es sind die Tage erhöhter Finanzcrash- und Weltkriegsgefahr mit brandgefährlichen RabaukenAuftritten der US-Regierung in der Weltöffentlichkeit. Was viele immer noch nicht verstehen: Den regierenden Kartellen ist völlig gleichgültig, wie sich ihre Dienstpersonal aufführt oder wie viele Menschenleben das kostet, solange die Vorgeben erfüllt werden.


Betreff: Übergabe von 105.000 Unterschriften an die Botschaft: Petition zum US/britischen Truppenabzug aus Deutschland, Text und Begründung der Petition


Sehr geehrter Herr Botschafter,

Wir denken, dies ist der richtige Zeitpunkt, unser Materia...


Abzug aller US- und UK-Truppen sowie US-Befehlsstellen aus Deutschland!

Diese Petition hat 2015/6 insgesamt 105.000 Unterstützer gefunden, davon 97.000 aus Deutschland.

Diese Unterschriften werden jetzt den Botschaftern der USA und Großbritanniens übergeben.


Insgesamt stehen noch immer 58.000 ausländische Nato-Soldaten in Deutschland, davon etwa 42.000 US-Soldaten und 13.000 Briten. US-Truppen und -Interessen werden von Stabsstellen „Eucom“ (zuständig für 51 Staaten), „Centcom“ (zuständig für 20 Staaten) und „Africom“ (zuständig für 53 Staaten) in Stuttgart befehligt. Insgesamt sind demnach 124 Staaten der Welt von US-Militärinteressen aus Stuttgart heraus betroffen. In diesen Bereichen werden auch Konzepte für die umstrittenen Drohnenschläge, begrenzte geheime Kommandoaktionen usw. erarbeitet...


Macron’s New Security Strategy For Europe

Security Partnership To Include Russia and Turkey – How Credible?

French President Macron issued his idea in two steps – in a visible effort not to overload the public. The first step came on Monday, August 27, in front of the annual conference of French ambassadors; the young leader pushed for a more independent European Union to organize her security objectives including Russia: in a multipolar world. The second and equally big step followed Thursday, August 30, in Helsinki, at the news conference after a work meeting with Finland’s president Niinisto...


Who’s Behind Washington’s New Anti-Russian Sanctions

US foreign policy is alienating billions of people to please a small fraction.

It took a while and came under time pressure – but passed swiftly and smoothly: Last week, congress pushed a new set of sanctions against Russia down Donald Trump’s throat. The pitiable president not only had to denounce his good understanding with his Russian colleague Vladimir Putin in the aftermath of the successful Helsinki summit under huge cartel (media) pressure  – but later obviously had little or no say in this new effrontery, according to aides. The latter called the decision-taking and deadline-driven process: „administration business as usual“...


Israel’s Support to IS

Final battle in Idlib: How far will Israel go?

It happened very quickly – and it happened at night during the last weekend: Israel suddenly opened its tightly sealed border with Syria and allowed 400-800 members of the “White Helmets” inside its territory, alongside their family members. They came with buses looking new and well-climatized and were kept inside a military camp directly behind the border. (“White Helmets” is a pure propaganda name for these supporters of terror and all sorts of crime, aspiring public relations gains by a designation proximity to the UN “Blue Helmets”. As if the questions involved were about colors.) Only very few media were allowed to cover the sensational story, which dwarfs every conspiracy theory.

But what do we call this story as compared t...


Trump-Putin Summit in Western Mainstream Media: A Bad Guy Meeting?

US and Russian presidents are equally not much liked – for no good reasons.

Gone are the times, when global war lingered – and the world held its breath while leaders haggled and struggled. This is 2018: Two aged presidents with a truly outstanding life experience record openly speak out for peace and understanding – and get chastised by a propaganda blast as if they had threatened mankind. There ‘s definitely something deeply wrong in the state of the western world, not only in their corporate media. And that state reaches even as far as Australia and New Zealand.

Intrigue and secret service fingering appeared almost shockingly unveiled in the run-up to the much-awaited summit in Helsinki – and obviously directed to disturb it...


Reliable Partners? EU Foreign Policy and the Iran Nuclear Agreement JCPoA

The world is watching how Washington’s vassals fail to stand up for their international reputation and fair treatment of contract partners – a turning point in EU history!
Pakistan’s famed president, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, truly lost no time. As soon as the ink was dry on the secret behind-the-scenes agreement with the US, allowing Pakistan development of its own nuclear weapon to balance Soviet-backed India’s, he set out on a sales trip unprecedented in world’s history and unparalleled ever since. This happened in 1972...


Future German-US Relations: A Cursed Fate?

The quasi-colonialist reclusive regime could yet again pitch Germans against their neighbors.

In 1988, the year before German re-unification came up, a then friend of mine, a dedicated CIA influence agent, US citizen told me about covert US preparation of re-unification: „In Germany, we are buying anybody with legs!“ He conducted his personal poll of friends: Would Germans be obedient after regaining their national unity? My diplomatic answer ran: „Germans will never forget, who helped them to win back their home country as a whole. But the stability of the friendship towards the US will depend on whether or not correct and fair democratic policies will continue.“

Not only did fair and correct policies not survive the downfall of the Soviet Union: Washington’s policies look nowaday...


Open question: Mr. Zuckerberg, are you a Jew or a Nazi?

At first glance, the question seems little sensitive for a German national; but times are rough, WW3 is looming – and we Germans are living under this growing threat. Israel and the U.S. are both part of the problem, not part of any lasting solution – and this endangers jews and non-jews alike all over the globe. I entered politics in order to help make sure, that never again jews may be harmed. From 1985 I supported the Afghan Mujahideen in their just fight agains Soviet invasion, by accompanying them in battles, teaching them how to to take films and distributing our material to more than 144 countries around the globe...