NordStream2 – Six Important Questions: Christoph Hörstel 2022-1-16


 At the invitation of the leadership of the Latvian opposition party Ricibas, which is planning a larger internet debate with several participants on the topics and questions raised. My participation does not constitute support or acceptance of any other thoughts and goals – apart from those of the party DIE NEUE MITTE – and of course my own.

Full Script:



I would like to thank the organizers and employees for this friendly opportunity to comment on the NordStream2 complex and questions relating to Europe’s energy supply.

You will find that I speak a very open language – and do not shy away from unpleasant facts.

I therefore ask people who see certain things completely differently to be patient for a few minutes.

But I ask the others who think like me for their cooperation and support, because we are heading towards a great war in Europe, which we Europeans can only lose together.

And I did not risk my life in Afghanistan in the last century and in this century to stand by and do nothing.

I want a tremendous and honest change for the benefit of all people, which really deserves the name – and I want it to start IMMEDIATELY. I will comment on this at the end with very precise information.


  1. Energy Security and Alternative Energy: Optimal Scenarios for the EU

There can be little doubt about the optimal scenarios, because energy security has to come first.

In Germany, without this leading to a public debate, we are obviously not sure what we actually want to define as „energy security“.

Energy security for the leading and strongest industrial location of the most powerful country in Europe can only mean that we must be able to produce and distribute more energy via our own secure network at all times than we need.

Quite frankly, however, this is obviously not what the federal government has in mind and is aiming for. Neither the old nor the new.

Under the impression of the Fukushima catastrophe, Chancellor Merkel pushed through the phasing out of nuclear energy at high cost – without creating safe alternative sources.

Then we will gradually part with the coal – also without a reliable alternative source.

Our alternative energy sources and plans are fake, corrupt and unfriendly to the environment, especially the wind turbines, which I publicly refer to as monuments of corruption because they cost more to build and maintain than they will ever earn.

After all, years ago Russian President Putin publicly asked how the Germans planned to heat their homes and keep their industry running in the near future, given that they are giving up the two important energy sources mentioned.

Putin has never received an answer from Germany – except for difficult and recently downright hostile tones.At the beginning of this conversation and for all further questions, let me state one thing in principle:In Europe – but especially in Germany, on the basis of a pseudo-democratic fraud system, we have governments that literally rule against their populations, so bad that for years I have been forced to state that these government personnel are better off in jail than in any ministry – let alone the chancellor’s office.Our Foreign Minister smiled and explained to a camera: “Germany is a rich country – I want to change that.”Ms. Baerbock is not only an enemy of Russia, she is an enemy of Germany.

2. Threats to Energy Security

Without a doubt, the most serious threat to our energy security today is our failure to commission the second twin pipeline, NordStream2, which Russia kindly built for us all the way home, despite sanctions from Washington that are illegal.I believe this process is unprecedented in human history – but we’ve gotten used to these records:- largest financial bubble in history- Fake virus story, fake pandemic story, fake corona story: people have flu, but with this matter you can now subjugate the globe and ruin countries.o Virus: no evidence available, courts in Canada + Spain have already established this – German Dr. Stefan Lanka is a key witness – but there are fast-growing groups in the US and Russia, too.The virus lie is the result of a strategic reorientation of medical sciences, agreed in 1912 between two managers of the Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegie Trust, writes US Prof. Antony D. Sutton in his world-famous book on „Skull and Bones“, page 97 – implemented by the medical school at the notorious Johns Hopkins University in New York, which was then also headed by a Bones man.o Pandemic: due to arbitrary and unrealistic redefinition in 2009 after swine flu failedo Corona: well-known symptoms with new hype flushes outrageous profits into pharmaceutical bagso Huge damage from vaccinations, criminal Gates activities in Africa and India – Catholic Doctors of Kenya…- Just so we understand that fake energy supply does not fall completely out of the usual criminal framework

3. Risks related to the New Green Deal

The New Green Deal is a conglomerate of individual measures in different areas that are not an economic concept, but an ideological one. Some of the measures come directly from the corruption swamp: e.g. the supposedly low-energy houses that are supposed to insulate using Styrofoam. That material turns the houses into poisonous shacks in which people get sick from the putrefaction of the poisonous building material.But what is particularly striking is the global wave of electric cars, which are now carrying several hundred kilos of batteries each, even though smarter mixed systems and other technologies have long been around. What is happening here is sheer madness – with a waste of hundreds of billions of taxpayers‘ money.The energy policy risks of the New Green Deal are four:3.1 Germany’s current energy supply is not secure without purchases from abroad – so it is not secure3.2 Without deliveries from Gazprom, Germany is in its underpants – we are seeing that these days, as French nuclear power plants are failing at the same time3.3 Alternative energy sources that are known and applicable today are not sufficient and will never be sufficient, as they are fundamentally unsuitable for creating basic security3.4 Alternative energy sources from sun and wind are too expensive because of their enormous space requirements, natural weather risks and our weather

4. Nord Stream2: a pragmatic perspective

The pragmatic point of view is that we have not been provided with any alternative by our governments in Berlin and Brussels, but to put the second double pipeline into operation immediately and take the maximum load, at the wonderfully low prices that Gazprom is giving us for it, kindly, although we are treating Russia badly on a daily basis now.There is also no EU law that can prevent us Germans from taking Gazprom’s gas from this second double pipeline, because international and national contract law must not accept or knowingly risk a partner’s self-destruction.

5. The nuclear question: Peculiarities of nuclear power in Eastern and Western Europe.

We have different traditions, customs and safety regulations in Eastern and Western Europe – also different technologies.And we have the typical corruption scandals in Germany: Siemens came up with an interesting technology for the biological degradation of spent fuel rods, which we never used, presumably because we were not given the freedom to do so, after all we are still remotely controlled from Washington.Whole generations of police officers fought with generations of German environmental activists to enforce the famous Castor transports to France, which were not necessary with this technology.I would like to encourage people to think about extensively renovating our nuclear power plants, improving safety significantly and sustainably, aligning aftercare biologically – and thus also using nuclear power as a transitional technology for completely new technologies that the USA had to withhold from the world economy up to now, because Washington will, if necessary, use force to keep everything from the market that can create independence from fossil fuels.Example: Andrea Rossi’s patents mislabeled „cold fusion“ – and bought by the Pentagon.We have Tesla technology, free space energy and many brand new and hitherto hardly used efficiency improvers of conventional and well-known technologies, efficiency leaps of 15% are immediately feasible, enough to do completely new research in the meantime.That would be a topic for a German-Russian friendship project in research, after the conclusion of our reinsurance treaty based on the model of the old Reich Chancellor Bismarck of 1887, with the aim of familiarizing all such countries with the technology free of charge, which jointly undertake with us to convert their financial and monetary system to be interest-free and debt-free within four years – only as a precursor to a Deep State-free zone.Not wanting to build this zone is political suicide these days. I refuse to accept Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Gustav Schwab as executives or janitors of a new world order of oppression.

6. Impact of Ukrainian policy on EU energy security and Russian gas supplies

There is no Ukrainian or Polish policy at all – there are steps that Washington is taking there – and governments and people live on the handouts they collect for it, on smart jokes and feigned security until Europe flares up in the next planned war.This reminds me of the wonderful Polish Foreign Minister Sikorski, who was secretly recorded in a restaurant in 2014 for comparing his country’s foreign policy to a sexual practice that could be misconstrued as subservient – and kicked out of the government for it. And Sikorski was always considered an absolute pro-American. There are such great, courageous Poles. What brave good people.Ukraine has two western coups behind it, in 2004 and 2014, it was able to free itself from the first but not from the second.Ukraine owes money to Russia, has allowed its pipelines to deteriorate – and probably also stole or deliberately leaked gas.NordStream was born out of this need – and met far-sighted politicians, Schröder and Chirac, who also owe their heroic status in history to their formation of an axis with Moscow and Beijing when they refused to join the „coalition of the willing“ for the criminal attack on Iraq in 2003 .From a good transit country, Ukraine has turned into a multiple bad burden in Europe, not only in the energy sector – its wonderful residents don’t deserve that.Today, Berlin is campaigning in Moscow for leftovers flowing through Ukraine – and selling Gazprom gas from NordStream there because the prices are higher than in Germany – completely crazy.Ukraine is not important enough to jeopardize Europe’s energy security, Berlin and Brussels are already doing that on their own.

Final Remark

Thank you very much for the opportunity to speak to you here. To the comprehensive and honest change that has been announced, please let me add this.It is about a new era of friendship with Russia that the US has been trying to prevent for more than 100 years, as the founder, owner and head of the private intelligence agency Stratfor, Hungarian-born George Friedman, explained in his 2015 speech in Chicago.And of course we absolutely want to remain friends with the American people, as well as with the peoples of all other NATO friends and partners.And it is, however, about freedom from global heteronomy, about the slow, gradual, careful and collective liberation from a completely over-the-top financial and monetary system that threatens to engulf us all – and would like to involve us in a war that we prevent for the benefit of our children HAVE TO, we don’t have a choice.For this I am looking for a small group of investors in the range from 2 million euros to push this change financially together with us within a few months.The organizers know my contact details for serious applicants.