9/11: 20-year anniversary of a breakthrough crime – Christoph Hörstel

In 2001, the US has chosen to stage a huge false flag operation on 9/11, based on intensive CIA-centered preparation, as was valiantly described in the book:

Nafeez M. Ahmed: „War on Freedom“, Tree of Life Publications, Joshua Tree, CA, 2002


Washington issued non-papers to all allies, friends and receptive governments, with strict rules to their subsequent political moves:

  • far reaching rights to the US, painstakingly limiting national sovereign rights
  • proven by Pakistan’s president, Gen. Parvez Musharraf in his book: „In the Line of Fire“, Simon&Schuster, London, 2006, p. 205
    • 7 items on a list issued by Islamabad ambassador Wendy Chamberlain:
      • item 5: „Continue to publicly condemn the terrorist acts of September 11 and any other terrorist acts against the United States or its friends and allies, and curb all domestic expressions of support ((for terrorism)) against the United States, its friends, or its allies.“
  • Musharraf published his book in 2006, on the occasion and DURING his state visit to the US!
    • a slap in the face of US Deep State!
    • soon after he forfeited his career:
      • 2007 stepping down as commander in chief of the armed forces
      • 2008 as head of state

German government has never published its „duty sheet“:

  • cartel and opposition media never enquired
  • one exception: HÖRSTEL


In the wake of this terrible US crime, killing nearly 3’000 people on US soil, Washington deliberately started a „war against terror“, which cost 1/2 to 3 million lives, depending on counting methods.

Thus Washington undermined democracy inside the US and succeeded in setting up further military posts in 15 more countries.

Inside the US, society changed:

  • libraries were forced to share their lists of customers and their reading habits
  • all data of communications and electronic networks were to be handed over to government agencies
  • no phone fabrication or network operation without full disclosure of all data


In spite of combined efforts by more then ten thousand experts:

  • Washington didn’t change the official 9/11 record
  • Trumps disclosure policy was so popular, successor Biden is being forced to open some of the hidden facts of US government
    • we may assume: not by far as interesting as in Trump’s tenure

Despite efforts of millions of people all over the world, including tens of thousands of proven experts, Washington did not change its official record of the 9/11 fraud.


The US as a country and a society have been unable to clear the record of this enormous multiple state crime – same as all western alliance member countries and numerous others the world over.


The success of the criminals, the huge loss of press freedom and civil rights, as well as overall damage to democracy in general, has enabled further crimes as:

– the Iraq invasion 2003

– the „Arab Spring“ 2010, which was in effect a „CIA Spring“

– the huge refugee wave in the wake of forced war inside Syria

– these crimes were just preparatory steps for the biggest single crime in human history so far: A fake pandemic under the name of „COVID-19“ or „Corona“, which has led to a forced pandemic regime including dangerous measures like face masks, dangerous rescheduling of planned treatments in hospitals the world over, including life-saving surgeries, dangerous vaccines being forced on populations with devastating effects, which have killed hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. The loss of democratic values stemming from the unsolved 9/11 problem is now culminating in the establishment of a pandemic dictatorship. Or as we put it: “plandemic” dictatorship.


Very much like in the case of the 9/11 lie, the world today is culturally unable to research and accept the terrible truth, that the whole „virus ideology“ in medical science is as much a fake as the official 9/11 attack story.

Proof of this virus lie is to be found with Dr. Stefan Lanka, Germany, –

Beginning of the corruption in the medical world (in 1912!) is to be found in the outstanding work of outstanding US professor Antony C. Sutton in his famous and equally outstanding book: „An Introduction to the Order of Skull and Bones“, Trineday, LLC, Walterville, OR, 2002, page 97


And the climate lie, also too strong to be refuted by the public, stands on two legs:

  • Humans produce too much carbon dioxide
    • in disregard of strict limits to the extent of man-made influence on CO2
  • enormous long term warming
    • intentionally wrongly placed measuring points produce wrong data permanently

Truth is: We do pollute our world – look at the plastic poisoning of our oceans!

Hundreds of years ago, good wine was produced in Scotland – we can wait with any panic about global warming, until good winde comes again from Scotland!


Of course DIE NEUE MITTE and I insist on friendship between all countries, with emphasis on our new German friendship initiative with Russia, Iran and Turkey – and ethics as the only legitimate background of politics.